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decline, drop, fall, turn for the worse, crash. pitch, topple, plummet, decline, rise, sink, increase, skid, go down, diving, tumble, dip, turn for the worse, spill, lower, crash, nosedive, drop, slump, crater, fall, descend, plunge, honkytonk, dive.


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Spell check of sick

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Correct spelling:
Affected with disease; unwell; nauseated; disgusted.
diseased (adjective)
pestilent, indisposed, diseased, infected, cursed, nauseous, decrepit, ailing, sickly, affected, unhealthy, handicapped, inflicted, infirm, ill, disabled.
Other synonyms:
bipolar, grim, imperfect, wander, sepulchral, bored, lightheaded, vomit up, dispirited, charnel, chuck up, cat, aguish, rickety, reproduce, bedrid, weary, distracted, incurable, ominous, liverish, repulsed, sickened, shed, seasick, appalling, draw, afflicted, tubercular, drift, spue, retch, pitiless, confused, screwball, carsick, inauspicious, convalescent, mad, livery, feverish, dizzy, cronk, sick and tired, sorry, bilious, reprobate, faint, sanctify, sore, airsick, barf, run-down, vile, dour, feeling poorly, throw off, project, low-spirited, hurl, libertine, stray, stricken, anxious, wan, awful, heave, nervous, jaded, woozy, tired, down, come up, on the blink, couch, consumptive, dyspeptic, harebrained, sickened, vertiginous, unwholesome, loose, good, perverse, frame, horrible, detestable, infirm, queer, anorexic, jackleg, depraved, demented, cast, softheaded, under the weather, rakish, brainsick, gloomy, hospitalized, sick of, pale, hallucinating, amnesiac, frail, dy, rakehell, confined, not so hot, dingy, diminished responsibility, delicate, dreary, indisposed, chuck, hateful, giddy, fragile, sneezy, dark, broken down, hysterical, disturbed, health, deranged, pallid, case, blare, ditch, crazy, disgusting, bronchitic, honk, sick as a dog, offensive, dotty, mold, queerish, rabid, bedfast, bed-blocker, demoralized, hurtle, blue, tired of, perverted, declining, poorly, throw, downcast, despicable, under medication, unkind, spew out, weak, morbid, roll, light-headed, maladjusted, insane, frantic, ptyalize, invalid, swooning, in a bad way, funny, unsound, toot, gouty, unhealed, looking green about the gills, regurgitate, drop, imbalanced, bloated, physically run down, evil, sickly, scrofulous, vomit, decadent, wild, tuberculous, unrestrained, inexorable, half-baked, peaked, qualmish, punk, asthmatic, infectious, certifiable, in poor health, ailing, flush, revolted, uncharitable, black, squeamish, loathsome, coming down with, sick-abed, distressed, revolting, degenerate, feeble, inhuman, claxon, suffering, unquiet, nauseated, down in the mouth, disconsolate, stern, unbalanced, monstrous, noisome, grisly, impaired, unappeasable, disquieted, low, anemic, excited, peaky, mordant, unwell, wearied, fed up, spill, dissolute, dissipated, puke, beep, cruel, sickening, gruesome, purge, unhinged, repelled, pat, disgorge, light, sickish, bedridden, bring up, green, quarantined, redact, range, drear, spastic, disordered, queasy, laid low, dreadful, shake off, be sick, cloy, unclean, repulsive, eruct, spew, agoraphobe, throw away, distempered, mould, bad, failing, gaga, upchuck, ramble, uneasy, downhearted, rove, unrelenting, throw up, depressed, swan, displeased, shocked, recovering, degraded, scour, feverous, put, regorge, out of kilter, unforgiving, drab, gag, warped, tramp, disgusted, depressive, huffy, ptyalise, cast off, debauched, the critical list, upset, morbid, roam, at a low ebb, ghastly, worried, relentless, forbidding, worse, debased, nauseating, spit, contrive, diabetic, ill, vagabond, laid up, unfit, delirious, hard, dismal, toss, purify, macabre, menstruating.
Examples of usage:
  1. It makes me sick to see her." - "A Hazard of New Fortunes, Part Fifth", William Dean Howells.
  2. They make me sick." - "An Orkney Maid", Amelia Edith Huddleston Barr.
  3. " Why, I give you my word, I'm sick to speak to you. - "Treasure Island", Robert Louis Stevenson.

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