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Spell check of shut

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Correct spelling:
To close.
close (verb)
block, seal, barricade, jam, fasten, join, secure, stop, bolt, close, lock, latch.
closed (verb)
fastened, unopened, locked, latched, under lock and key, joined, secured, stopped, airtight, sealed, up, closed, jammed, blocked, bolted, barricaded, clenched.
closed (adjective)
closed, sealed, choked, latched, hermetic, locked, secured, stopped, corked, fastened, plugged, obstructed.
Other synonyms:
tight, banish, look, survey, shut out, squinched, rule out, take in, closed, boot out, accept, go under, spit, crash, turn out, go out of business, exclude, open, pucker, cast out, bar, chuck out, omit, liquidate, boycott, come together, blinking, compressed, quit, eject, blacklist, keep out, close, examine, drop, unsympathetic, block off, take out, look around, except, jam something open/shut, stare, closed in, dismiss, squinting, leave off, fail, inspect, winking, salivate, lock out, drool, slobber, close your ears to something, disencumbered, see, dribble, not want to know, shut down, hawk, dispel, leave out, include, fill up, fold, check on, blackball, keep, wind up, turf out, close your ears (to), close up, conclude, close down, turn a deaf ear (to), disencumbered, ostracize, count out, debar, eliminate, close off, unopen, unburdened, closure, gaze, quit, unburdened.
Examples of usage:
  1. But the door was not always shut. - "Mugby Junction", Charles Dickens.
  2. She shut it after her. - "The Living Link", James De Mille.
  3. Your eyes must be shut and you must be asleep. - "Melbourne House", Elizabeth Wetherell.

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