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Spell check of shorten

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Correct spelling:
To make, or become, short, or shorter.
curtail (verb)
reduce, curtail, diminish, pare down, discontinue, minimize, fragment, cut short, decrease, abbreviate.
diminish (verb)
condense, deflate, bob, cull, curtail, lighten, abridge, deplete, prune, reduce, compress, erode, diminish, nip, clip, minimize, dwindle, shear, crop, taper, concentrate, trim, truncate, shave, drain, downgrade, shrink, contract, lessen, abbreviate, pare, weed, decrement, decrease, compact.
shorten (verb)
condense, compact, abridge, lower, belittle, clip.
lower (verb)
plunge, lower, deepen, submerge, depress, drop.
decrease (verb)
compact, contract, truncate, deplete, abbreviate, erode, decrement, shrink, abridge, die down, dwindle, drain, decrease, lessen, lower, recede, compress, subside, diminish, concentrate, curtail, deduct, deflate, abate.
Other synonyms:
increase, cut back, slew, neuter, swerve, tighten, edit, keep down, scale down, hack, trim back, tailor, castrate, dock, bowdlerize, thin, melt off, slue, deoxidise, cut down, geld, skip, narrow, sign up, sheer, trend, thin out, write out, curve, turn out, demasculinise, alter, elide, slim, lengthen, extend, disregard, lose weight, dilute, switch off, cut, stretch, slim down, deoxidize, come down, emasculate, grow, make out, slenderize, quash, telescope, rationalize, burn, sign on, veer, trim down, syncopate, press, bring down, subdue, decoct, long, undertake, edit out, constrict, bowdlerise, boil down, elongate, turn off, foreshorten, sign, rationalise, cut off, squeeze, get, expurgate, snub, repress, issue, demasculinize, take, ignore, subjugate, spay.
Examples of usage:
  1. Then he raised his voice: " Go forrard, you, and call all hands to shorten sail. Jessop, - "The Ghost Pirates", William Hope Hodgson.
  2. They were too long; and I made the man shorten them. - "Hills of the Shatemuc", Susan Warner.
  3. Your lordship will shorten the number of minutes for the interview by permitting it. - "The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith", George Meredith.

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