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Spell check of shore

Correct spelling:

A prop. Land adjacent to water; coast. To support by props.

land (noun)
soil, beach, earth, terra firma, ground, mainland, land, stone, coast, bank.
land (adjective)
land, ground, beach, mainland, coastal, earth.
Other synonyms:
brace, riverside, bring down, raised beach, marge, seaboard, river bank, reinforcement, basin, buttress, coastline, seaside, lakeside, land, mount, support, bund, prop, mount, lee shore, crutch, underpinning, mounting, shoot down, bay, set down, rim, seacoast, sea beach, windward shore, margent, cape, shore up, coastal, seashore, edge, margin, stay, put down, spur, foreshore, strand, bring, bight, reinforcement, set ashore, bound, sand, shoring up, lakeshore, shoring, mounting, propping up, border, catchment area, down, brim, spur, brink, prop up.
Common misspellings:
  1. shor (33%)
  2. shour (24%)
  3. shoure (21%)
  4. shoree (10%)
  5. shere (5%)
  6. shure (2%)
  7. sorre (2%)
  8. shaw (2%)
Examples of usage:
  1. When they reached the shore from the schooner " Heron," Amos kept good control over his temper and said more about the pearl to
    - no Kylis. - "The Second String", Nat Gould.
  2. A few men left the group and began to walk along the shore.
    - no Kylis. - "The Second String", Nat Gould. - "Men Called Him Master", Elwyn Allen Smith.
  3. " Shore I could stand here all day," said Flo.
    - no Kylis. - "The Second String", Nat Gould. - "Men Called Him Master", Elwyn Allen Smith. - "The Call of the Canyon", Zane Grey.
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