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Spell check of sheer

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Correct spelling:
Clear; quite; vertically.
Curve of a ship's deck or sides.
Pure; mere; perpendicular.
To turn from a course.
vertical (adjective)
upright, steep, longitudinal, erect, vertical, perpendicular, up-and-down.
absolute (adjective)
altogether, quite, utter.
Other synonyms:
very, unpatterned, burn, fragile, skew, dreadful, spare, skid, vaporific, swerve, wind, plumb, categorical, rationalize, kink, prune, chaste, cut back, cut down, uncompounded, transparent, colorfast, abridge, unmingled, trim, abbreviate, right-down, slide, gauze-like, blank, patent, distressed, miasmic, lucid, abrupt, slip, write out, absolute, abrupt, pure, brushed, pellucid, rolling, rationalise, gradual, unpolluted, dead, trim back, steep, damned, continent, dilute, bare, thin out, spotless, unvarnished, gossamery, vaporish, hack, limpid, unbalanced, turn out, out-and-out, complete, soft, uncorrupted, flimsy, curl, classical, crisp, untarnished, mountainous, rank, make out, bluff, change, clean, blooming, stark, even, downright, cut, bold, snub, trend, craggy, twist, fine, apparent, simple, translucent, miasmal, unsullied, consummate, damn, total, flat-out, arc, breathable, true, curve, crystalline, cut off, creased, unmixed, chop, straight-out, edit, gauzy, mere, cotton-picking, quantifiable, unembellished, unqualified, reduce, bodacious, real, vapourous, immaculate, at a time, holy, homely, thorough, manifest, ignore, delicate, plain, thin, ethereal, turn off, Midland, issue, shorten, skip, virtuous, switch off, gossamer, all-out, filmy, graded, definite, crashing, underlying, unconditional, diaphanous, guiltless, undefiled, innocent, guileless, classic, vaporous, contract, geld, unalloyed, profound, trim down, deadly, veer, gauzelike, all of something, cobwebby, hilly, flat, clear, perpendicularly, yaw, unblemished, crook, alpine, unadulterated, for all, unmitigated, genuine, stone, evident, bring down, see through, disregard, crystal clear, foreshorten, thoroughgoing, precipitous, regular, fair, gently, quantitative, stainless, highland, unspotted, fibrous, edit out, perfect, cellular, vapourific, unstained, tailor, arrant, slight, slew, incorrupt, gentle, vapourish, untainted, unmistakable, arch, smooth, outright, unornamented, slue.
Examples of usage:
  1. In my case I feel it to be a sheer necessity. - "Wanderings Among South Sea Savages And in Borneo and the Philippines", H. Wilfrid Walker.
  2. I wish there was a Dead Sea for them all to sheer off into! - "Queechy, Volume II", Elizabeth Wetherell.
  3. Miss Earle stood before it, silent in sheer admiration. - "Dora Thorne", Charlotte M. Braeme.

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