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Spell check of sheared

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Correct spelling:
diminished (adjective)
shortened, clipped, compressed, docked, downgraded, bobbed, pared, cropped, concentrated, lessened, compacted, mowed, condensed, abbreviated, removed, deducted, receded, weeded, decremented, trimmed, dwindled, cut, lightened, curtailed, shrunken, depleted, eroded, dropped, nipped, shaved, deflated, truncated, decreased, pruned, leached, tapered, reduced, abridged, drained, diminished, contracted, lowered.
diminished (verb)
shrunk, reduced, concentrated, condensed, bobbed, drained, cropped, shrank, contracted, diminished, eroded, downgraded, decremented, trimmed, culled, tapered, pared, pruned, dwindled, truncated, nipped, shortened, abridged, compacted, weeded, lessened, lightened, deflated, minimized, compressed, abbreviated, shaved, clipped, depleted, curtailed, decreased.
reduced (adjective)
cropped, depreciated, bated, decreased, deducted, lowered, abridged, diminished, pruned, reduced, compressed, eroded, discounted, nipped, bobbed, mowed, elided, shaved, cut, snubbed, contracted, subtracted, trimmed, removed, drained, docked, shortened, curtailed, lessened, abbreviated, pared, weeded, deleted, deflated, clipped.
subtracted (verb)
lessened, cut, abridged, curtailed, bobbed, deleted, reduced, docked, cropped, pared, lowered, pruned, diminished, trimmed, shaved, subtracted, clipped, depreciated, weeded, deducted, decreased, elided, discounted.
rejected (verb)
culled, excluded, erupted, disallowed, denied, jilted, oppugned, excreted, discharged, ejaculated, junked, deep-sixed, curtailed, disapproved, sniped, clipped, shedded, spewed, barred, cut, lopped, vomited, excised, exuded, abandoned, rejected, exhausted, chopped, jettisoned, scraped, disgorged, disclaimed, cropped, checked, trashed, vented, belched, discarded, blackballed, blacklisted, eliminated, seeped, drained, ejected, evacuated, emitted, secreted.
Other synonyms:
cut, shorn.
Examples of usage:
  1. Its surface could be raised with and cropped or sheared to make a nap. teazleheads - "Our Legal Heritage, 4th Ed.", S. A. Reilly.
  2. June was the month during which the feast was held and it was held as recently as In some parts of the last sheep to be sheared had a garland of roses placed round its neck. 1856. Northamptonshire - "Weather and Folk Lore of Peterborough and District", Charles Dack.
  3. Some of is ruined by this company, and we don't see why we should be sheared while Lord gets off with a cool hundred thousand. us Highcliffe - "At Love's Cost", Charles Garvice.

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