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Spell check of sheared

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Correct spelling:
( used especially of fur or wool) shaped or finished by cutting or trimming to a uniform length; " a coat of sheared lamb"


sheared, shorn.
abbreviated, abridged, compressed, concentrated, condensed, contracted, decreased, deducted, deflated, depleted, diminished, docked, dropped, eroded, lessened, lowered, pruned, reduced, removed, shaved, shortened, shrunken, tapered, trimmed, truncated, weeded, Bobbed, Dwindled, Leached, Lightened, Nipped, Pared, Receded, Compacted, decremented, downgraded, mowed, clipped, cropped, cut, drained, Curtailed.
bated, subtracted, Deleted, Depreciated, Discounted, Elided, Snubbed, abbreviated, abridged, clipped, compressed, contracted, cropped, cut, decreased, deducted, deflated, diminished, docked, drained, eroded, lessened, lowered, pruned, reduced, removed, shaved, shortened, trimmed, weeded, Bobbed, Nipped, Pared, Curtailed, mowed.
cut, shorn.
minimized, shrunk, Shrank.
abandoned, barred, checked, chopped, clipped, cropped, cut, disapproved, discarded, discharged, drained, evacuated, exhausted, jilted, junked, lopped, rejected, scraped, vented, Belched, Blackballed, Denied, Disallowed, Disclaimed, Disgorged, Ejaculated, Ejected, Eliminated, Emitted, Excised, Excluded, Excreted, Exuded, Oppugned, Secreted, Trashed, Vomited, Sniped, Culled, Curtailed, Spewed, blacklisted, deep-sixed, jettisoned, erupted, seeped, shedded.
abridged, clipped, cropped, cut, decreased, deducted, diminished, docked, lessened, lowered, pruned, reduced, shaved, subtracted, trimmed, weeded, Bobbed, Deleted, Depreciated, Discounted, Elided, Pared, Curtailed.
Examples of usage:
  1. That he in season sheared may be, And the shepherd be warm though his flock be cool: So I'll have a new cloak about me." – Maid Marian by Thomas Love Peacock
  2. The cluster of splendid wheat ears above the window had been the first sheared from a bounteous harvest which had raised great hopes. – The Mistress of Bonaventure by Harold Bindloss
  3. This was quickly followed by a third, and then, deeming the danger from a raking fire too great longer to allow the ship to present her bow to the enemy, Captain Winslow directed his vessel sheared, and fired his starboard battery. – Cruise and Captures of the Alabama by Albert M. Goodrich
  4. That saved her life, for a blue flame sheared clean through the stone, inches above her head. – Pirates of the Gorm by Nat Schachner
  5. But she got Ulf to wash the animal under a near- by water- fall, and to tie its feet, and after about a day of it she sheared it quite nicely; but it would be hard to say whether the sheep or Edith was the more weary of it when the task was done. – The Iron Star And what It saw on Its Journey through the Ages by John Preston True