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Correct spelling:
A note raised a semitone; character # denoting this.
Having a cutting edge or fine point; keen; acute; severe; eager; fierce; acid.
attentive (adjective)
responsible, intent, careful, concerned, observing, interested, concentrating, enraptured, heedful, alert, fascinated, scrutinizing, entranced, observant, immersed, engrossed, hearkening, regardful, cautious, attentive, rapt, diligent, considering, vigilant, absorbed, watchful, mindful.
stylish (adjective)
chic, dressy, fashionable.
severe (adjective)
stark, austere, curt, dry, icy, acrimonious, puritanical, acerbic, exacting, lean, demanding, oppressive, Draconian, unbending, critical, disciplined, inflexible, ascetic, abrupt, cool, intense, blunt, precise, relentless, acute, frosty, fundamental, raw, short, stiff-necked, brisk, meticulous, obstinate, piquant, dour, chilly, stern, gruff, keen, harsh, rigorous, imperial, authoritarian, severe, uncompromising, correct, intolerant, Spartan, crisp, obdurate, caustic, grim, brusque, spare, rigid, bleak, prudish, cutting, strait-laced, hidebound, strict, stringent, tart, basic, astringent, censorious.
witty (adjective)
subtle, funny, crafty, foxy, quick-witted, waggish, droll, jocular, intelligent, shrewd, cunning, witty, tricky, pithy, adroit, joking, comical, resourceful, quick, sophisticated, dry, scintillating, sparkling, smart, inventive, urbane, sarcastic, facetious, brilliant, astute, sly, pointed, scurrilous, canny, deft, clever, ingenious, wily, artful.
sharp (adjective)
spiny, thistly, needle-point, bristly, spear-like, sagittal, spinous, cutting, needle-like, prickly, jagged, pointed, spiky, acute, keen, barbed, thorny, spiked, razor-edged, pointy.
cunning (adjective)
subtle, cunning, skillful, sly, devious, shrewd, serpentine, tricky, astute, ingenious, quick, scheming, feline, foxy, artful, masterly, slippery, wily, clever, wary, masterful, snaky, smooth, deft, crafty, canny, calculating, slick, witty, designing.
vigilant (adjective)
excellent (adjective)
excellent, first-class, distinctive, fine.
sour (adjective)
tart, piquant, acerbic, pungent, acidic, unripe, bitter, sour.
pungent (adjective)
spicy, poignant, acrid, tangy, sour, piquant, bitter, caustic, pungent.
vigorous (adjective)
active, energetic, lively.
intelligent (adjective)
brilliant, clever, worldly, gifted, brainy, perspicacious, encyclopedic, sophisticated, bright, intellectual, knowledgeable, knowing, comprehending, profound, sagacious, smart, canny, wise, intelligent, capable, cogent, erudite, genius, astute.
Other synonyms:
dubious, exceptional, shrill, sagaciously, two-edged, sapiently, shifty, scalding, agonising, discordant, voguish, deeply, mordant, exclusive, achy, needlelike, attack, fed up, precipitous, identifiable, hip, respect, fast, acid, untruthful, black ice, corrosive, clear-sighted, serrated, au courant, allegro, deep, conflicting, zesty, unprincipled, deafening, chic, show up, divergent, salt, sourish, different, smart-mouthed, bad, clear-eyed, biting, passable, fiery, spired, stinging, sharp-worded, stropped, conniving, means, mod, acoustic, able, B, plain, visible, unmistakable, acuate, sensitive, aciculate, contrasting, terse, perceptive, sudden, cross, keen, probing, overhasty, acerbic, frizzly, swell, tart, casual, groovy, chapped, stabbing, trig, gradual, radically, stylish, displeased, beat, modern, breathless, fast, distinct, cracking, high, noisy, frizzy, smashing, arterial, affective, riotous, double-dealing, deceitful, scratching, acidulous, harmonious, high-pitched, lemonlike, cuspidate, smart, icicle, deep-seated, acicular, brackish, funky, snarky, slow, delicate, D, precipitate, irritated, crispy, intelligent, flat, snappy, chromatic, evolutionary, just-in-time, style, annoyed, hard-boiled, biting, savvy, angry, penetrative, frozen, advanced, big, agonizing, academic, heady, bent, with-it, nippy, minor, con brio, happening, trenchant, unambiguous, hasty, rogue, salient, alternative, strident, chesty, aggressively, honed, crooked, apparent, well-timed, astute, ultrasmart, uproarious, subtile, swank, strong, loud, great, laconic, bittersweet, precipitously, classy, put out, do, various, harmonic, fresh, depth, lancinate, dissimilar, cuspate, bass clef, diverse, slap-up, cuspated, obvious, A, tight, bar line, hardheaded, sardonic, corrupt, about, calculative, truculent, clear, trendy, acerb, quicksilver, definite, nimble, choke, crisp, pulmonary, arr., lancinating, heavily, hyperintelligent, posh, C, discerning, neat, radical, flavored, modernistic, against, down, lemony, mucronate, drastic, acute, indrawn, frost, chilling, crippling, promptly, forceful, ice over, belligerent, supercool, sharp-witted, chill, up-to-the-minute, ability, labored, underhanded, clear, developmental, briery, ear-splitting, fulgurating, up, in, underhand, steep, dashing, chord, bar, edgy, acuminate, knifelike, cuspidated, natty, bronchial, futuristic, vitriolic, back, smarting, double flat, major, glare ice, sour, corking, onward, dapper, punctual, audible, blind, acutely, astutely, gradually, adagio, cosmetic, shrewdly, space-age, explicit, burning, carnassial, state-of-the-art, sharply, astringent, nifty, upset, fine, guileful, swanky, razor-sharp, chocolatey, classical, piercing, whetted, shrewd, backward, not bad, peaked, crisply, abrupt, perceptible, unscrupulous, satiric, impassable, smart-alecky, one-way, kinky, hard, shooting, can't hear yourself think, nappy, cutting, discriminating, dishonest, scathing, bass, ahead of your/its etc. time, manifest, modish, double-edged, fraudulent, contemporary, swish, precipitant, tapering, diatonic, dull, incisive, noticeable, supersmart, on the dot, shady, fashionable, dandy, mad, bully, gnawing, ground, edged, deceptive, usual, clef, around, slashing, honest, peachy, duplicitous, in time, tony, unlike, bluesy, two-way, tipped, con amore, sharpened, tonic, andante, unpleasant, exquisite, nipping, intense, penetrating, spruce, taste, away, feeder, unequivocal, outside, aciculated, crotchet, bang-up, chocolate, duly, left-handed, prompt, atonal, chronic, mordacious, resounding, smart-aleck, disconnected.
Examples of usage:
  1. Abel had a nice way o' his words out sharp- like they was made o' with on the back stayed where he put cuttin' somethin' sizin' an' 'em. - "Friendship Village", Zona Gale.
  2. " Well then, I do not see that you can do anything more than keep a sharp look- out. - "A Tale of a Lonely Parish", F. Marion Crawford.
  3. The last was a sharp, clever young fellow, and he was now in Paris where I had sent him to get information about Madame d'Artelle. - "By Wit of Woman", Arthur W. Marchmont.

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