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Spell check of sentence

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Correct spelling:
Judgment pronounced; maxim; period in writing.
condemn (verb)
find guilty, doom, convict, condemn, pass sentence, damn, execrate.
punish (verb)
punish, incarcerate, avenge, chasten, penalize, judge, castigate, crucify, fine, agonize, distress, reprise, discipline, lambaste, imprison, correct, execute, pillory, burden, anguish, persecute, confine, chastise, torture, afflict, try, keelhaul.
phrase (noun)
epigram, catchphrase, terminology, euphemism, idiom, adage, clause, paragraph, mannerism, phraseology, metaphor, slogan, motto, verbalism, cliche, expression, proverb, maxim, figure of speech, phrase, locution.
punishment (noun)
retribution, judgment, burden, confinement, price, payment, chastisement, distress, imprisonment, agony, fine, revenge, execution, persecution, incarceration, discipline, forfeiture, reprisal, castigation, anguish, punishment, crucifixion, correction, torture, affliction, verdict, penalty.
judge (verb)
referee, pronounce, find, appraise, judge, mediate, assess, consider, arbitrate, decide, adjudicate, resolve, determine, rule.
condemnation (noun)
death sentence, death penalty, condemnation, doom, conviction, damning.
judgement (noun)
resolution, determination, finding, judgment, pronouncement, verdict, arbitration, mediation, consideration, justice, adjudication, decision, ruling, appraisal, assessment.
imprison (verb)
lock up, jail, impound, condemn, collar, handcuff, manacle, shackle, fence, imprison, tether, bridle, confine, cage, straight jacket, harness, fetter, incarcerate.
Other synonyms:
correctional, prison term, article of faith, allomorph, strong belief, edict, clip, fate, life sentence, condemn, disapprobation, dictum, denounce, extraordinary rendition, internment, blame, antecedent, prison, make an example of someone, accusative, designate, rap, collocate, meter, order, clock time, mete out, doom, article, case, law, destine, administer, metre, cleft sentence, deal out, allophone, teach someone a lesson, hand down, take the law into your own hands, judgment of conviction, decree, life, time, fourth dimension, hard labor, excoriate, life imprisonment, adjunct, execration, conviction, condemnation, reprobate, reprove, curse, decry, censure, objurgate.
Examples of usage:
  1. My son is under sentence of death! - "Boys' and Girls' Biography of Abraham Lincoln", James H. Shaw.
  2. Have you come to bring me the sentence, and yet do not know yourself what it is? - "Marie Antoinette And Her Son", Louise Muhlbach Official.
  3. Graham, you have read your own sentence. - "McAllister and His Double", Arthur Train.

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