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Spell check of sense

Correct spelling:

Faculty by which objects are perceived; perception; judgment; reason; opinion; meaning.

sense (verb)
detect, feel, perceive.
feel (verb)
respond, feel, fumble, undergo, grope, probe, handle, touch, finger, experience.
Other synonyms:
nose out, intelligence, faith, school of thought, grind, wizard, thrust, understanding, practical, idle, champion, brilliance, perception, find, maven, idea, realistic, esthesis, imagination, brain, sensation, adept, rationality, concept, burn up, acceptation, thought, mature, gift, knowledge, palpate, signification, horse sense, mother wit, sensible, mind, common sense, genius, denotation, gumption, sniff out, brainpower, view, good sense, clarity, discretion, moxie, sensory faculty, feeling, reasoning, smack, somewhat, reason, sanity, aesthesis, sense impression, import, mentality, insight, whiz, proficiency, feel, discernment, occasion, kinaesthetic, taste, wit, knowledge, smell out, sensibility, cognizance, wit, aptitude, assail, rationalness, disposition, rational, marble, wisdom, excuse, signified, in justification of something, talent, ability, idiocy, whizz, consciousness, scent out, purport, cut out, backbone, awareness, hotshot, vision, to a degree, backfire, sensitivity, motive, smart, fire, lucidness, prowess, keen, sense experience, approach, function, guts, soundness, saneness, balanced, perspective, pretext, commitment, viewpoint, hearing, dullness, theory, fairness, principle, virtuoso, meaning, intuition, framework, star, significancy, clear-headed, smell, flood, value, soul, acute, substance, rationale, logic, competence, reek, grounded, connotation, sentience, cleverness, point, sensitiveness, intent, judgment, wiz, significance, subtext, judgment, mavin, somehow, sand, sense datum, cause, sane, motivation, usage, logical, skill, engagement, cycle, philosophy, mastery, sentiency, instinct, spirit, sentiment, lucidity, ground, ace, ideal, pragmatic, pragmatism, superstar, belief, grit, go, message, sight, assault, intellect, distinguish, mindset.
Common misspellings:
  1. sence (84%)
  2. sens (4%)
  3. sinse (2%)
  4. scense (2%)
  5. snese (2%)
Examples of usage:
  1. He has not even the sense to sit down.
    - - "The Admirable Crichton", J. M. Barrie.
  2. She did not seem to sense his hurt.
    - - "The Admirable Crichton", J. M. Barrie. - "Half Portions", Edna Ferber.
  3. A woman of sense and a wife ought to know her place.
    - - "The Admirable Crichton", J. M. Barrie. - "Half Portions", Edna Ferber. - "The Satyricon, Complete", Petronius Arbiter.
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