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Spell check of scissors

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Correct spelling:
Cutting instrument of two blades joined by a pivot.
tool (noun)
stapler, knife, hammer, hedge trimmer, level, shears, ripsaw, jointer, claw hammer, gouge, table saw, edger, ball-peen hammer, handsaw, vise, auger, miter box, lug wrench, planer, bench drill, pick, grindstone, snips, chisel, back saw, jackknife, crowbar, posthole auger, pliers, hatchet, scroll saw, tool, sickle, cold chisel, calipers, radial arm saw, awl, drill, chain saw, shovel, pickax, bow saw, mallet, spanner, sledgehammer, band saw, screwdriver, buzz saw, wedge, welder, pipe wrench, arc welder, tin snips, jigsaw, square, spoke shave, circular saw, monkey wrench, axe, spade, tire iron, plane, machete, wrench, wrecking bar, saw, scythe, emery wheel, file, crosscut saw, lathe, hacksaw, drill press, hoe, punch, coping saw, trowel, grapnel, keyhole saw.
tools (noun)
staplers, knives, hammers, hedge trimmers, levels, shears, ripsaws, jointers, claw hammers, gouges, table saws, edgers, ball-peen hammers, handsaws, vises, augers, miter boxes, lug wrenches, planes, bench drills, pickaxes, grindstones, snips, chisels, back saws, jackknives, crowbars, posthole augers, pliers, hatchets, scroll saws, tools, sickles, cold chisels, calipers, radial arm saws, awls, drill presses, chain saws, shovels, picks, bow saws, mallets, spanners, sledgehammers, band saws, screwdrivers, buzz saws, wedges, welders, pipe wrenches, arc welders, tin snips, jigsaws, squares, spoke shaves, circular saws, monkey wrenches, axes, spades, tire irons, planers, machetes, wrenches, wrecking bars, saws, scythes, emery wheels, files, crosscut saws, lathes, hacksaws, drills, hoes, punches, coping saws, trowels, grapnels, keyhole saws.
Other synonyms:
scissor grip, scissors hold, pair of scissors, scissors grip.
Examples of usage:
  1. A somewhat resembles a pair of very blunt scissors permanently fixed open at a certain angle, and rigidly supported at a convenient height from the ground. 'brake' - "Hodge and His Masters", Richard Jefferies.
  2. Three or four pocket- handkerchiefs, a new piece of scented soap, a pair of nail- scissors- as he looked at each innocent article, he gave a snort. - "The Devil's Garden", W. B. Maxwell.
  3. I marked a group of four who wanted a pair of strong scissors. - "Two Years in Oregon", Wallis Nash.

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