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Spell check of school

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Correct spelling:
A place for instruction; pupils of a school; set of persons holding the same doctrines or following the same teacher.
To instruct; discipline.
school (noun)
schoolroom, high school, class, university, preschool, collegiate, classroom, college, institute.
teach (verb)
teach, imbue, inculcate, indoctrinate, lecture, tutor, edify, instruct, enlighten, instill, coach, guide, train, drill, educate.
artists (noun)
Impressionist, caricaturist, classicist, the Bloomsbury Group, draftsman, illustrator, futurist, the avant-garde, cartoonist, artist.
schools (noun)
conservatory, community college, boarding school, comp, charm school, convent school, church school, comprehensive school.
crew (noun)
squad, platoon, company, hive, team, ring, detail, band, party, pack, mob, set, clique, detachment, gang, aggregation, covey, wing, regiment, fraternity, litter, outfit, junta, herd, body, coalition, fellowship, collection, assembly, group, retinue, circle, clan, flock, troupe, complement, crowd, tribe, brigade, union, bevy, caucus, club, battalion, cabal, colony, coterie, staff, troop, host, phalanx, faction, sect, drove, force, fleet, posse, cadre, bunch, division, army, society, cell, assemblage, nest, crew, league, string.
Other synonyms:
keep back, ground, community, period, commission, classmate, give instruction, following, academia, shoal, strive, groom, condition, lights out, scholarship, take aim, initiate, seminary, schooling, monitor, half-day, free period, civilise, flight, induct, go after, aim, building, police, A student, head girl, institution, old boy, playtime, crop, push for, brace, press for, bottle up, train, faculty, grader, domesticate, give lessons, bridle, nurture, schooldays, rail, canter, old girl, alma mater, direct, deal with, bareback, hall, hold in, work, after-school, try, grad school, case study, trail, gaggle, study, equestrian, schoolhouse, support group, manage, schooltime, prepare, school days, lesson, learn, discipline, conceal, repress, civilize, check, flash mob, break in, register, organization, try for, tame, naturalise, master, struggle, school day, extended school, flash mobbing, naturalize, take, strain, revision, academe, research and development, association, researcher, specialization, develop, probation, suppress, cultivate, business school, gallop, panel, academy, shallow, dismount, boarder, attempt, graduate school, dropout, head boy, matriculate, research, inform, take classes, establishment.
Examples of usage:
  1. The school- girl had found out what she wanted to know. - "A Canadian Bankclerk", J. P. Buschlen.
  2. Didn't you go to school? - "The Captives", Hugh Walpole.
  3. As for me, I went to school at last. - "The Hole in the Wall", Arthur Morrison.

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