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Spell check of saviour

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Correct spelling:
One who saves; the Redeemer.
Other synonyms:
Jesus Christ, rescuer, shield, saver, Good Shepherd, guardian angel, deliveryman, protector, Jesus, recoverer, guardian, defender, delivery boy, lifesaver, precaution, protection, Jesus of Nazareth, safeguard, champion, redeemer, Savior, the Nazarene, messiah, deliverer.
Examples of usage:
  1. Further, they were wholly at one in recognising the command of our adorable Saviour to preach the gospel to all nations, as of perpetual obligation on the Churches. - "Leading Articles on Various Subjects", Hugh Miller.
  2. In a moment his face changed as he said without hesitation, will accept Jesus as my Saviour now. 'I - "The Personal Touch", J. Wilbur Chapman.
  3. So when my Saviour calls I rise, And calmly do my best; Leaving to Him, with silent eyes Of hope and fear, the rest. - "Poems with Power to Strengthen the Soul", Various.

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