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Spell check of salute

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Correct spelling:
Act of saluting; kiss; discharge of cannon.
To greet; kiss; honor by firing cannon, & c.
celebrate (verb)
revel, make merry, cheer, exult, praise, memorialize, enjoy, hail, jubilate, carouse, honor, solemnize, hallow, party, laud, glorify, inaugurate, rejoice, commemorate, celebrate, proclaim, frolic, fete, trumpet, acclaim, venerate, observe.
celebration (noun)
rejoicing, convocation, memorialization, ovation, feast, jubilee, jubilation, remembrance, carousal, glorification, inauguration, joy, festivity, glee, acclamation, honor, observance, ritual, commemoration, revelry, holiday, proclamation, praise, elation, commencement, ceremony, celebration, merry-making, spree, exultation.
greet (verb)
curtsy, acknowledge, wave, embrace, hug, accost, approach, salaam, kowtow, signal, notice, vociferate, receive, welcome, bow, greet, smile, nod, hail, shake hands with, kiss.
Other synonyms:
fort, court, pose, bob, lay out, present, flatter, subscribe, hero-worship, portray, plight, make whoopie, worship, sing someone's/something's praises, fuddle, act of respect, appeal, generalship, represent, put someone on a pedestal, award, wassail, woo, confront, toast, look up to, wonder, obeisance, jollify, pledge, greeting, communicator, compliment, pat someone on the back, deliver, seek, drink in, show, meet, speak to, racket, billet, defer to, induction, introduce, fanfare, genuflect, cost, tope, crisp, submit, whoop it up, exhibit, detail, ceremonial, make happy, bow down to, pay your respects (to someone), military greeting, dog tag, demonstrate, base, demo, imbibe, revere, drink, graduation, respect, fatigues, dedication, congratulate, eulogize, bust, gift, garrison, admire, shout out, give, address, stage, extol, booze, crispen, apostrophize, acquaint, initiation, see in, face, pay someone a compliment, salutation.
Examples of usage:
  1. And now, once more, I salute you." - "The Red Rover", James Fenimore Cooper.
  2. " He's coming," quietly said looking off to the left of Terry, as if about to salute a new arrival. Deerfoot, - "The Hunters of the Ozark", Edward S. Ellis.
  3. " I should think very possibly that you are right," assented, as the young man passed on with a farewell salute. Dominey - "The Great Impersonation", E. Phillips Oppenheim.

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