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How do you spell rustic in words?

How to write rustic? The answer is: zero.
Correct spelling:
Rural; rude; artless.
agricultural (adjective)
pastoral, farm, agrarian, rural, horticultural, cultivated, agricultural, agronomic, forest.
Other synonyms:
the land, artless, pleasant, rough, unsophisticated, textured, refined, yokel, bumpkinly, unworldly, country cousin, charming, lubberly, unaffected, cultured, hoidenish, countryman, prickly, clodhopper, lumpish, uncouth, jagged, unpolished, verdant, inelegant, picturesque, simple, wooden, down-home, sylvan, dull, loutish, untaught, abrasive, coarse, irregular, ability, plain, the (great) outdoors, unsophisticated, rough-hewn, agricultural, graceless, gauche, natural, pleasing, ignorant, sturdy, pastoral, uncomfortable, provincial, ungraceful, pastoral, homely, uneasy, hick, stilted, awkward, bumpkin, bucolic, boorish, uncomplicated, rural, clownish, hayseed, rural, homespun, rugged, villager, honest, urban, bucolic, uneven, countrified, arcadian, campestral, unadorned, stiff, clumsy, ragged, idyllic, countrified, countrywoman, agrestic, outlandish, complex, rude, urbane, ungainly, countryfied, country.
Examples of usage:
  1. I had not thought it was so shy, so rustic a place. - "At Large", Arthur Christopher Benson.
  2. He was gone down the flight of rustic steps on the face of the cliff before we could reply. - "The Dream Doctor", Arthur B. Reeve.
  3. With help I finds the garden out at the back of the house and makes myself on a rustic seat. Marie's comf'table - "Torchy", Sewell Ford.

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