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Spell check of rough

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Correct spelling:
Not smooth; shaggy; uncut; unfinished; violent; harsh; coarse; rude; severe.
vulgar (adjective)
revolting, profane, obscene, coarse, earthy, shameless, degraded, unseemly, repulsive, ill-bred, chintzy, unpolished, broad, glaring, undignified, depraved, cheap, ignominious, ignoble, scandalous, brutish, tawdry, graceless, barbaric, crass, sleazy, idiomatic, sordid, coarse-grained, indelicate, gaudy, in bad taste, low, colloquial, unbecoming, animal, rank, vulgar, tactless, inelegant, brazen, philistine, crude, tasteless, homespun, boorish, cockney, rude, barnyard, garish, outlandish, offensive, base, raw, clumsy, salty, common, gross, unrefined.
brutal (adjective)
rude, carnal, cruel, ruthless, bestial, savage, gross, brutish, inhuman, ferocious, coarse, brutal, barbarous.
rough (adjective)
scuffed, knurled, ruffled, sinewy, coarse, stubbled, rumpled, jagged, scratchy, rugged, ragged, gnarled, bristly.
sensation (adjective)
tingly, smooth, crawly, titillating, thrilling, prickly, creepy, itchy, stinging.
difficult (adjective)
finicky, fussy, oppressive, knotty, onerous, demanding, severe, cumbersome, tough, wearisome, burdensome, harsh, uphill, complex, rugged, grinding, formidable, wearying, hard, difficult, complicated, laborious, thorny, adverse, trying, strenuous, tricky, wearing, arduous, contrary, cantankerous, bothersome, troublesome, stressful, ticklish, tight, toilsome.
Other synonyms:
bullate, rough-textured, ironbound, hostile, austere, bushy, abrasive, rambunctious, unpleasant, tearing, consent form, gawky, full-length, silky, charter, shingly, grievous, corded, peckish, crenate, double yellow line, attack, slap around, mountainous, tentative, runcinate, primitive, rough out, irritable, weighty, flagstone, awkward, light-touch, unfinished, icy, squally, lowering, irregular, rumbustious, roughneck, ridged, excruciating, pebbly, hardhanded, near, moiling, breathy, herky-jerky, chapped, challenging, explosive, concept statement, woolly, birdie, tempestuous, granular, aggressive, easy, scratchy, calm, asphalt, laciniate, tumultuous, cracked, just about, drug lord, pectinate, knock-down, some, sweaty, jolting, tetchy, drag-out, cragged, gruff, bowelless, convulsive, conversational, jumpy, overstrung, cold, strike, ciliate, edgy, hairy, jerry-rigged, unappealing, good, natural, bunker, uncut, wild, distant, furred, lumpy, rabid, lepidote, articulate, biserrate, hammer-and-tongs, or so, frail, cutthroat, insensible, roughneck, adenoidal, raspy, briny, more or less, intimidating, rimose, artless, knobby, stormy, searing, fleecy, outstanding, sweaty, volcanic, fruity, roiled, stiff, unrefined, courtesy, alligatored, fence, bogie, objectionable, worse, barbarian, jury-rigged, annual report, crushed, unshorn, herky-jerky, furry, raucous, denticulate, 101, estimated, intimidating, gritty, undomesticated, furred, volcanic, rugged, descriptive, unpolished, broken, extensive, peevish, lowbrow, serrulate, cyclonic, nubby, effortful, unshorn, bleak, partial, hardhanded, corduroy, knockabout, cutting, austere, petulant, approximately, herculean, company report, lowbred, unskilled, nasty, hoarse, pique, failing, furry, stern, uptight, unequal, illiberal, scabrous, unskilful, Augean, challenging, grievous, fractious, spinose, hellacious, scalloped, costate, antagonistic, cacophonous, blunt, uncultured, scraggy, ciliated, steely, moiling, rough-hewn, rugose, close together, infectious, excruciating, ugly, exacting, flinty, manhandle, unperfected, lowering, stony, confidentiality agreement, squamulose, accessory, pending, ace, around, techy, tall, incomplete, highly strung, emarginate, grueling, unsheared, rough-hewn, detailed, mess up, exigent, pettish, hard, wartlike, gravelly, squally, inexact, drug baron, tweedy, certificate, ungentle, undone, grim, shaggy, grainy, notched, incult, abortive, imperfect, warty, child molester, inclement, hard-boiled, Augean, conman, jouncy, hot, scraggy, log, murderous, trigger-happy, uncouth, roughened, rabid, con artist, vehement, jagged, tall, bearded, chatty, hirsute, crenulated, caddy, con woman, barky, comfort, paroxysmal, draft, ribbed, raffish, rough-and-ready, cyclonic, sketchy, lowbred, untamed, boisterous, robustious, roughish, stiff, native, discursive, fuzzy, action, jerry-built, shagged, dead, bouldered, explosive, nettlesome, angulate, jarring, artless, ill, puckered, cacophonic, brushy, crenulate, imbricated, furry, blood-and-guts, jerry-built, economical, untrimmed, hellacious, inclement, steely, seamed, clownish, knock-down, ungentle, choppy, clean, disagreeable, deep-sea, cranky, dour, rough-and-tumble, level, raffish, gradient, virgin, difficult, fierce, bad, uneven, declamatory, diffuse, grueling, jolty, approximative, homespun, violent, uncultivated, bouldery, unruly, hot, scurfy, verrucose, gruff, stiff, sick, jerry-rigged, illiberal, bitter, superficial, murderous, forbidding, unfriendly, killer, roughly, edited, restive, flinty, lowbrow, lumpy, about, flat, squawky, blood-and-guts, fimbriate, textured, jouncy, bidentate, testy, general, hammer-and-tongs, bang-bang, unwell, croaky, murderous, fringed, pockmarked, freshwater, high-strung, dry, jittery, rigorous, convulsive, testing, dour, dossier, uncivilized, unmown, pugnacious, cobble, bungling, nervy, testing, rasping, stark, cottony, backswing, fragile, sandpapery, leprose, insensible, circuitous, broad-brush, blow-by-blow, furry, lined, dirty, brushy, cottony, churlish, uncivil, serrated, fuzzy, ungainly, incult, twilled, coastal, nasty, fresh, saw-toothed, maladroit, rocky, serrate, elaborate, slubbed, hard-bitten, rough-hewn, murderous, unhandy, start, taxing, rough-and-ready, pick-and-shovel, sticky, brittle, crisp, gravel, fleecy, approximate, bumpy, rough in, appealing, searing, blue book, twill, pocked, silky, paroxysmal, disembodied, spotty, unfinished, awful, bogey, imbricate, blacktop, crispate, pick-and-shovel, harsh, forbidding, herculean, scabby, unhealthy, scaly, heavy, sharp, bleak, jaggy, crude, roily, lacerate, crenated, raging, toothed, unsmooth, abductor, craggy, unfit, grating, turbulent, chippings, high, unprocessed, fluvial, cobblestones, grim, close to, erose, strict, document, virgin, bang-bang, unattractive, hilly, drag-out, stiff, bitumen, killer, aloof, rough-hewn, outline, potholed, nubbly, strident, preliminary, dentate, backbreaking, arsonist, uncultivated, ballpark, jury-rigged, furious.
Examples of usage:
  1. Life was just beginning- the rough road had been left behind. - "The Puppet Crown", Harold MacGrath.
  2. He's nobody- he's a rough- neck himself. - "The Bent Twig", Dorothy Canfield.
  3. But the way was rough. - "Lost in the Cañon", Alfred R. Calhoun.

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