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Spell check of roadside

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Correct spelling:
Other synonyms:
bus stop, lamppost, lay-by, curb, wayside, kerb, gutter, milestone, embankment, hedgerow, milepost.
Examples of usage:
  1. A wood dipped down to the roadside, and its shadows ate up their quarry; a breathless, nervous interval, and its enveloped party in turn. glooms Mr. Belford's - "The Sins of Séverac Bablon", Sax Rohmer.
  2. At times a dusty hamlet, that seemed to crop up from the roadside ditches, followed a little way with children that shouted for joy in our motor and dogs that barked for pleasure in their joy. us - "Roman Holidays and Others", W. D. Howells.
  3. I sat beside her at the roadside and she told me her brief, sad, evil story. - "The Weavers, Complete", Gilbert Parker Last Updated: March 14, 2009.

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