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Spell check of risque

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Correct spelling:
disreputable (adjective)
dishonorable, ribald, contemptible, louche, infamous, nefarious, shady, shifty, disreputable, dubious, questionable, notorious.
Other synonyms:
amorous, obscene, romantic, voluptuous, off, racy, gamey, down in the mouth, blue, drear, fat, high, depressed, disconsolate, dismal, low-spirited, dark, full-bodied, sexy, hot, piquant, zesty, intimate, down, robust, puritanic, rich, game, animal, luscious, lively, profane, blasphemous, toothsome, vulgar, gritty, sensual, lewd, patrician, savoury, gloomy, low, juicy, dingy, blueish, downcast, bawdy, drab, dispirited, gamy, sexual, naughty, spirited, off-color, spunky, indecent, gentle, red-hot, bluish, salty, spicy, mettlesome, aristocratical, suggestive, downhearted, blue-blooded, grim, dreary, puritanical, savory, aristocratic, sorry.
Examples of usage:
  1. In it anything of a risque nature had to be presented with certain trimmings which allowed it to be classified as " art," but in the other house such restrictions existed. no - "The Cow Puncher", Robert J. C. Stead.
  2. To be frank, Lovely, I was unwilling to take the risque of defeat. Mr. - "The Passionate Elopement", Compton Mackenzie.
  3. They meet, and become the future deacons and elders, in all probability, to whom the minister has to bow; they agree to build a church at their own risque: they are not speculators, but religious people, who have not the least wish to make money, but who are prepared, if necessary, to lose it. - "Diary in America, Series One", Frederick Marryat (AKA Captain Marryat).

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