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Spell check of rimed

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Correct spelling:
Other synonyms:
snappy, nipping, frosted, rimy, frigid, crisp, wintry, glacial, rhymed, riming, frozen, rhyming, nippy, assonant, alliterative, end-rhymed, cold, frosty, icy.
Examples of usage:
  1. They were written by men of small poetic talent, who rimed carelessly, used the rough- and- ready language of the people, did not shrink from indecency and aimed at dramatic rather than poetic effects. - "An anthology of German literature", Calvin Thomas.
  2. In rimed verse the end of the line is so emphasized that the line itself stands out as a very perceptible rhythmic unit; in unrimed verse, however, the line is frequently not felt as a unit at all, but is so interwoven with the natural prose rhythm of the words as to be almost indistinguishable to the ear, though of course visible to the eye on the printed page. - "The Principles of English Versification", Paull Franklin Baum.
  3. Wyatt has one rimed and Surrey one abbaaccacddcee, ababababababaa. - "The Principles of English Versification", Paull Franklin Baum.

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