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Spell check of righteous

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Correct spelling:
Just; upright; virtuous; deserved.
respectable (adjective)
estimable, good, worthy, noble, blameless, saintly, irreproachable, upstanding, creditable, principled, right-minded, respectable, honorable, true, unimpeachable, untarnished, fair, virtuous, pure, forthright, honest, law-abiding, moral, angelical.
virtuous (adjective)
praiseworthy, blameless, guiltless, decent, worthy, angelical, creditable, pure, exemplary, scrupulous, unspotted, impartial, deserving, noble, estimable, honorable, dutiful, faultless, commendable, heroic, taintless, valorous, good, clean, high-minded, reliable, moral, uncorrupted, goodhearted, sterling, laudable, peerless, conscientious, respectable, philanthropic, meritorious, virtuous, charitable, sinful, ethical, punctilious, trustworthy, equitable, upstanding, unsullied, corrupt.
Other synonyms:
top, boss, jim-dandy, deep, blue-chip, just, dandy, par excellence, guileless, godlike, nice, nifty, classic, hype, fervent, wizard, cracking, irreligious, beautiful, holy, terrific, straight, great, immaculate, affective, top-of-the-line, rightful, godly, fab, hypocritical, famous, fine, slick, dynamite, fabulous, grand, supernal, upright, choice, marvelous, innoxious, groovy, all right, brag, hot, boffo, radical, gone, lovely, primo, bully, phat, proper, spiritual, zealous, rigid, religious, casual, devout, right, top-flight, out-of-sight, wonderful, peachy, first-rate, spotless, first-class, sensational, high-class, heavenly, topping, four-star, prizewinning, stellar, reverential, top-notch, sound, devoted, banner, inoffensive, prize, depth, neat, burning, basic, harmless, sanctimonious, keen, sinless, number one, faithful, mean, superior, angelic, corking, crackerjack, gilt-edged, prime, swell, devotional, bang-up, innocent, peachy keen, pious, A-OK, frontline, brave, superb, deep-seated, acutely, immense, egotistic, unsurpassed, awesome, good, first-string, down, top-shelf, blue-ribbon, numero uno, straight-shooting, correct, fantabulous, five-star, stainless, self-righteous, A1, gangbusters, bitter, divine, tip-top, capital, clear, blind, innocuous, virtuous, stand-up, impious, bonny, moral, bumper, reverent, superlative, cool, incorruptible, dope, quality, strict, fantastic, splendid.
Examples of usage:
  1. To me, man of the righteous cause! - "The Three Heron's Feathers", Hermann Sudermann.
  2. It is good to know of the righteous work which is being done by others. - "The Adventure of Living", John St. Loe Strachey.
  3. You didn't know that a machine could be put to any really righteous use, did you, boy? - "The Honorable Senator Sage-Brush", Francis Lynde.

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