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Correct spelling:
In a right line or manner; correctly; directly; very; to the right hand.
Straight; just; true; proper; correct; opposite to left; containing 90°, as an angle.
That which is right or correct; justice; what one has a just claim to; the right side.
To make right or upright; do justice to.
proper (adjective)
seemly, apropos, fitting, tasteful, polite, proper, prim, suitable, correct, appropriate.
straight (adjective)
direct, directly, immediately.
right side (noun)
dexter, starboard.
legal (adjective)
proper, lawful, legislative, sanctionable, constitutional, statutory, licit, judicial, permissible, legitimate, legal, defensible, authorized.
sane (adjective)
sane, insane, normal, unreasonable, discerning, wise, rational, enlightened, reasonable, penetrating, judicious, discreet, circumspect.
legality (noun)
properness, legality, authorization, statute, permissibility, lawfulness, constitutionality, defensibility, legislation.
justice (noun)
justice, fair play, equability, fairness, equity, lawfulness, even-handedness, honor.
lateral (adjective)
lateral, side, flanking, left.
right-side (adjective)
right-hand, starboard.
just (adjective)
equable, square, due, good, fair, honorable, ethical, moral, equitable, even-handed, lawful, just.
justly (adverb)
sincerely, lawfully, evenly, objectively, fairly, squarely, honestly, reliably.
order (verb)
regulate, plan, compose, pigeonhole, maintain, program, place, settle, structure, schedule, unsnarl, rate, orchestrate, array, separate, score, systematize, balance, sift, order, schematize, screen, set, control, subordinate, design, marshal, rank, prepare, rationalize, organize, type, chart, adjust, arrange, grade, group, scheme, fix, stratify, methodize, mediate, establish, support, stabilize, categorize, form, plot, collate, normalize, class, sort, classify, harmonize, unify, devise, integrate, shape, frame, cast.
authority (noun)
powerfulness, credential, title, enfranchisement, privilege, license, power, might, cogency, mastery, superiority, clout, charge, prestige, puissance, office, domination, mightiness, empowerment, prerogative, sovereignty, faculty, force, kingship, control, stature, birthright, strength, sway, commission, influence, purview, potency, steam, entitlement, command, seniority, primacy, punch, rank, prepotency, mandate, authority, precedence.
correct (adjective)
suitable, precise, accurate, valid, correct, exact.
precise (adjective)
rigorous, meticulous, accurate, strict, proper, exact, correct, definite, precise.
true (adjective)
authentic, honest, proven, axiomatic, absolute, gospel, definite, veracious, certain, factual, true.
suitable (adjective)
apt, fit.
Other synonyms:
public interest, count out, castigate, permission, skilful, rightfield, warmed-up, top, revolution, spin, dead-on, voice, dependable, clearheaded, long-distance, undecomposed, recompense, relevant, real, total, pay, respectable, modern, skillful, on-target, remediate, nice, routine, turn something inside out, overcompensate, exactly, decline, vindicate, keep, harm, ethical, further, everyday, New Zealand, make up, outright, great, standard, orthodox, reactionist, bottom, claim, mature, courtesy, fit, promptly, what does something have to do with...?, bona fide, license, integrity, inmost, all the way, commonplace, outer, the John Birch Society, straighten, of course, right-handed, errorless, fascism, far-right, ripe, dinkum &amp, turn up, reform, boost, swirl, remedy, so, high-minded, secure, safe, Main Street, chastise, see, reclaim, full, liberal, straightaway, rectify, specific, twirl, Con., reactionary, front, on-the-spot, properly, obligation, accountability, right-minded, whirl, condign, contemporary, moral, unremarkable, concession, upset, straight, little, outside, amend, set up, in good order, letter-perfect, bang on, justified, righteous, revitalize, pshaw, turn, totally, rightfulness, in effect, listen up, unadulterated, responsibility, utter, resounding, homeward, aright, salient, restore, eastbound, ISBN, unfinished, right wing, chasten, compos mentis, eh, make amends, at once, inner, cross, ahead, Tory, the Conservative Party, space-age, priority, becoming, geddit, traditionalist, optimization, reliable, downwind, stable, entrance, astride, mighty, even out, estimable, fitted, left-hand, just/wait a moment, thorough, befitting, about-face, whole, thoroughly, refine, dissident, twist, respectability, meet, boxer, outward, balanced, corner, clockwise, enrich, utterly, arm-wrestling, ordinary, hale, precisely, modesty, cover, out, rightmost, happy, hip, objurgate, decorated, franchise, the faithful, live, decent, virtue, best, unspoilt, slump, ha, echt, tip up, powerful, propriety, rightist, mundane, access, ahead of your/its etc. time, practiced, cross-country, perpendicular, mend, rightful, overturn, angle, goodness, apt, down, compilation, mid, puh-leeze, irreproachable, pure, manuscript, healthful, fast, decorous, righteousness, reverse, pertinent, fully, redress, near, perfect, all right, word-perfect, germane, felicitous, certified, absolutely, virtuous, correctly, wriggle, huh, comely, de rigueur, okay then, sound, OK, spot-on, independent, bout, apart, indemnify, pukka, firstly, right on, the right way, upright, comme il faut, tilt, from, put up, merited, futuristic, on the point of doing something, edit, bare-knuckle, ministerial, veridical, conservatism, unerring, ready, serious, exemption, hah, unexceptional, roll, beneficial, modernistic, bibliography, prepared, entry, long, arguably, business, bipartisan, even up, compensate, certifiable, dear, even off, coalition, justly, conservative, regenerate, counterclockwise, salutary, right field, purely, agreed, purity, on (full) alert, counterbalance, hearty, justifiedly, my, sure-enough, far, boxing, health, nondescript, away, expert, linear, satisfactory, yes, improve on, fascist, straight away, discipline, remunerate, principled, faithful, suddenly, finished, instantly, hey, rotation, really, McCarthyism, warranted, lift, bantamweight, enhance, bring around, copyright, honourable, flop, completely, decency, healthy, applicable, up-to-the-minute, adept, avenge, in the wings, apposite, poised, wholesome, central, pay off, prerogative, improve, in force, to the point, traditionalistic, nationalist, competent, unspoiled, pretty, tailor-made, apolitical, edition, straightforward, halfway, opportune, yo, sort out, Nazism, on the verge of something, repair, rightly, innermost, entirely, proficient, hello, around, headlong, duty, state-of-the-art, hurt, decently, right now, look, liberty, mightily, function, effective, deserved, genuine, revenge, rightish, by rights, box, advanced, centrally, lucid, the National Front, well, in-depth, wrong, immunity, backlist, privilege.
Examples of usage:
  1. " All right," I said.... - "The Debit Account", Oliver Onions.
  2. " You are not right. - "Hills of the Shatemuc", Susan Warner.
  3. You must stay right here." - "Jess of the Rebel Trail", H. A. Cody.

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