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Spell check of ridiculous

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Correct spelling:
Deserving ridicule; laughable; absurd.
absurd (adjective)
self-contradictory, preposterous, crazy, farcical, stupid, fallacious, foolish, idiotic, implausible, illogical, ludicrous, anachronistic, inconsistent, meaningless, contradictory, senseless, outlandish, silly, inane, paradoxical, bizarre, absurd, irrational, incongruous, impossible, nonsensical, invalid, eccentric.
ridiculous (adjective)
curious, bizarre, silly, dubious, foolish, absurd, comical, oddball, incredible, outrageous, ludicrous, preposterous, nonsensical, weird, crazy, eccentric, poppycock, laughable, farcical, outlandish, grotesque.
Other synonyms:
comedic, featherbrained, inconclusive, pitiable, pissed, slaphappy, skew-whiff, pathetic, laughter, hapless, stiff, blotto, sloshed, tight, ill-advised, laughing, risible, besotted, piteous, ill-considered, misfortunate, over-the-top, funny, cockamamy, humoristic, humourous, not in your right mind/not right in the head, foolish, silly, shocking, dizzy, absurd, poor, preposterous, wonky, unreasonable, crackbrained, false, monstrous, mistaken, amusing, screaming, killing, undignified, comic, mirthful, loaded, chucklesome, ill-judged, pixilated, soused, sozzled, slopped, empty-headed, blind drunk, whacky, awry, smashed, mad, airheaded, plastered, nonsense, chimerical, cockamamie, pitiful, soaked, askew, fuddled, humorous, erroneous, goofy, light-headed, droll, derisive, giddy, derisory, farcical, imbecilic, lopsided, infatuated, miserable, wet, anomalous, usual, nonsensical, lightheaded, sidesplitting, ludicrous, zany, pie-eyed, hysterical, insane, wretched, hilarious, laughable, wacky, riotous, punch-drunk, childish, sappy, obscene, antic, study at absurd, crocked, incorrect, unconscionable, uproarious, cockeyed, squiffy, imbecile, wild.
Examples of usage:
  1. Of course he did, and it's quite ridiculous. - "Somehow Good", William de Morgan.
  2. The thought seemed ridiculous and strange. - "Beyond", John Galsworthy.
  3. This was so ridiculous that I laughed aloud, though I felt little like laughing. - "A Little Union Scout", Joel Chandler Harris.
Common misspellings:
  1. rediculous (55%)
  2. rediculus (4%)
  3. ridiculus (4%)
  4. ridiclous (3%)
  5. rediculas (3%)
  6. rediculious (3%)
  7. ridicolous (2%)
  8. ridculous (2%)
  9. ridicoulous (2%)
  10. ridiculas (2%)
  11. redicilous (2%)
  12. ridicilous (1%)
  13. riduculous (1%)
  14. riduclous (1%)
  15. ridiculious (1%)

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