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Spell check of reunion

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Correct spelling:
Other synonyms:
date, event, harmonizing, rapprochement, do, evening, reconciliation, fringe, reunification, reuniting, homecoming, encounter, salon, meet and greet, competition, meeting again, black tie, tryst, rendezvous, meeting, coffee klatch, healing the breach, rejoining, gathering, backgrounder, blind date, dinner party, bringing together, restoration, company, get-together.
Examples of usage:
  1. " We were talking of you but as you Agnew, " and I was telling Rose that I had considered the Obstacle to a Reunion arose from a false Impression of your own, that Milton not make you happy. rejoyned us," sayd Mr. hithertoe onlie Mr. coulde - "Mary Powell & Deborah's Diary", Anne Manning.
  2. Maybe I'm a jay to cast myself for any such part; but since Sadie me had that little reunion, I've kind of felt that sooner or later she might be let in for a mix- up where I'd come in handy, and when it was pulled off I wanted to be within hail. an' - "Shorty McCabe", Sewell Ford.
  3. It was a happy reunion. - "A Canadian Bankclerk", J. P. Buschlen.

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