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Spell check of retouch

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Correct spelling:
To touch again; add new touches to.
Other synonyms:
mend, patch, modify, darn, overhaul, heel, maintain, fix, revise, polish, heal, better, do up, amend, touch up, improve, correct, repair, fix up.
Examples of usage:
  1. Another difficulty in the way of those who write of their childhood is that unconscious artistry will steal or sneak in to erase unseemly lines and blots, to retouch, and colour, and shade and falsify the picture. - "Far Away and Long Ago", W. H. Hudson.
  2. It occurred to me on the instant that I had never before been called to retouch any of work. Pepperton's - "The Siege of the Seven Suitors", Meredith Nicholson.
  3. You have negatives to retouch, and prints to tone and develop, and nearly a dozen miniatures to paint, all of which are shamefully overdue; and amount of wool- gathering will bring you in the thirty shillings which you have fixed as your weekly minimum. no - "Windyridge", W. Riley.

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