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Spell check of restore

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Correct spelling:
To repair; replace; return; cure.
heal (verb)
remedy, make well, convalesce, revive, rehabilitate, invigorate, cure, heal, recuperate.
restore (verb)
rejuvenate, improve, overhaul, renovate, darn, revive, reconstitute, heal, rehabilitate, recondition, mend, fix, cure.
refresh (verb)
renew, recover, rally, recuperate, exhilarate, rejuvenate, freshen, enliven, resuscitate, divert, stimulate, recharge, reinvigorate, refresh, recoup, invigorate.
Other synonyms:
hand over, strong, arouse, have-to doe with, rectify, gear up, set up, help, quicken, amend, concern, be cured _or_ healed, set, transform, alter, retrieve, pay back, recruit, reinstate, mend, bedside manner, examine, certify, desexualise, reactivate, replace, caseload, touch on, repair, regenerate, relate, lavish, new, determine, distribute, vary, bring around, reestablish, live, return, confine, remodel, come in, resort, specify, make, affect, revamp, clear out, make into, change, compensate, bear on, amendment, revivify, sterilise, abrogate, regain, awaken, present, doctor, criminalize, have, reclaim, abolish, come to, remake, provoke, reverse, posit, fix, cook, repossess, refer, put back, secure, ready, tidy, straighten up, admit, touch, invoke, retrace, refreshen, bring in, restitute, get, yield, pick up, rouse, give, reconstruct, bushel, brush, sort out, doctor up, revise, impact, convert, pertain, reintroduce, rekindle, redo, decriminalize, be restored, resume, jump-start, bear upon, modify, rehab, contribute, pick up after, re-create, furbish, reanimate, ignite, part with, keep, revitalize, unsex, inspire, remediate, codify, commit, rebuild, recreate, construct, deposit, prepare, take back, resurrect, desex, clean out, give back, limit, sophisticate, diagnose, desexualize, increase, recompense, fasten, pay off, clean up, indemnify, reform, refurbish, backdate, fixate, rejuvenate, hand, define, situate, sterilize, animate, relaunch, clean, furbish up, vivify, turn into.
Examples of usage:
  1. There was a little blood stain on his face and his golden brown beard; and it was an hour before they could restore him to consciousness. - "In Wild Rose Time", Amanda M. Douglas.
  2. Only let me have him, and I'll guarantee to restore him to health in a short time. - "The Garies and Their Friends", Frank J. Webb.
  3. It has been this good fortune to restore mansion for the State. writer's Vann's - "Virginia Architecture in the Seventeenth Century", Henry Chandlee Forman.

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