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Spell check of repulsive

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Correct spelling:
Repelling; forbidding; offensive.
resistant (adjective)
oppositional, repellent, resistant.
vulgar (adjective)
rough, profane, obscene, coarse, earthy, shameless, degraded, unseemly, revolting, ill-bred, chintzy, unpolished, broad, glaring, undignified, depraved, cheap, ignominious, ignoble, scandalous, brutish, tawdry, graceless, barbaric, crass, sleazy, idiomatic, sordid, coarse-grained, indelicate, gaudy, in bad taste, low, colloquial, unbecoming, animal, rank, vulgar, tactless, inelegant, brazen, philistine, crude, tasteless, homespun, boorish, cockney, rude, barnyard, garish, outlandish, offensive, base, raw, clumsy, salty, common, gross, unrefined.
hateful (adjective)
loathing, hateful, abhorrent, malicious, despising, detesting.
repulsive (adjective)
rejecting, repelling, snubbing, spurning, rebuffing.
despicable (adjective)
reprehensible, despicable, low, vile, mean, repellent, offensive, revolting, loathsome, contemptible.
awful (adjective)
appalling, horrid, alarming, frightful, dreadful, ghastly, terrible, unpleasant, awful, dire, horrible, hideous.
ugly (adjective)
ugly, hideous, abhorrent, grotesque, disagreeable, inelegant, undesirable, repugnant, displeasing, unappealing, unaesthetic, unattractive, plain, unpleasing, unlovely, unpleasant, disfigured, odious, unsightly, ill-looking, homely, shapeless, repellent.
evil (adjective)
foul, reprehensible, heinous, damnable, loathsome, monstrous, evil, nefarious, disgraceful, baneful, repugnant, terrible, revolting, repellent, wicked, calamitous, bad, destructive, offensive, sinful, detrimental, sinister, hideous, atrocious, abominable.
disagreeable (adjective)
unpalatable, nasty, bothersome, unpleasant, offensive, distasteful, disagreeable, disgusting, obnoxious.
Other synonyms:
attraction, detestable, lewd, offensive, sickening, abhorrent, obscene, combative, noisome, calorific, nauseating, rancid, fulsome, aggressive, repugnant, horrific, horrendous, execrable, unwholesome, salacious, insurgent, pugnacious, raunchy, hideous, outrageous, bonding, forbidding, like, noxious, centrifugal force, shocking, air resistance, unyielding, defensive, amplitude, absorbance, retaliating, stubborn, capillary action, ugly, balance, centripetal force, nauseous, pain, opposing, yielding.
Examples of usage:
  1. Brutal faces, repulsive in their stolid indifference or malicious leer. - "Prison Memoirs of an Anarchist", Alexander Berkman.
  2. It is a type which is as repulsive to some minds as it is attractive to others. - "Christian Mysticism", William Ralph Inge.
  3. In Madame Julia we have a type of woman who was meant to be repulsive, and so far forth the young artist must be admitted to have wrought successfully. - "The Life and Works of Friedrich Schiller", Calvin Thomas.

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