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Spell check of repertoire

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Correct spelling:
Other synonyms:
grand finale, fund, skill, curtain call, reservoir, prowess, proficiency, intermission, collection, aptitude, gift, mastery, stock, ability, repertory, experience, bill, material, budget, interval, competence, finale, encore, inventory, force, supply, store, talent, opener, pool.
Examples of usage:
  1. Instead, they trotted and slithered around the gymnasium floor in rubber- soled shoes and went through their entire repertoire of plays under the sharp eyes of Coaches and Robey Boutelle. - "Left Guard Gilbert", Ralph Henry Barbour.
  2. A motor boat undoubtedly has a larger and fancier repertoire of cute tricks and unexpected ways than anything in the nature of machinery. - "Cobb's Bill-of-Fare", Irvin Shrewsbury Cobb.
  3. These qualities were due in part, perhaps, to the long and arduous stock company training, where, in the old days, every actor must serve his apprenticeship, and in part to the study of the classic drama which had so large a place in stock company repertoire. - "American Men of Mind", Burton E. Stevenson.

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