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Spell check of Repelled

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Correct spelling:
opposed (verb)
rebuffed, counteracted, meddled, opposed, crossed, interfered, intercepted, repressed, challenged, disputed, impeded, inhibited, defied, disagreed, antagonized, hindered, obstructed, resisted, confronted, repulsed, fought, protested, oppressed, counterattacked, contradicted, conflicted, checked, objected, suppressed, countered.
resisted (verb)
stood firm, resisted, opposed, snubbed, rebuffed, withstood, repulsed, stood fast.
displeased (verb)
riled, grated, disgusted, irritated, annoyed, provoked, bothered, angered, scandalized, aggrieved, shocked, displeased, offended, jarred, disturbed, disappointed.
repulsed (verb)
snubbed, rejected, cold-shouldered, brushed off, spurned, rebuffed, repulsed.
Other synonyms:
nauseated, revolted, sickened.
Examples of usage:
  1. But the barrister resolved that he would not be repelled so coolly. - "A Mysterious Disappearance", Gordon Holmes.
  2. Something drew each to each, something repelled each from each. - "Foes", Mary Johnston.
  3. They were in very many instances attracted rather than repelled, by what was then its greatest defect, for it was a defect which prevailed less generally among themselves than in it. no - "The English Church in the Eighteenth Century", Charles J. Abbey and John H. Overton.

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