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Spell check of relief

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Correct spelling:
Ease; succor; release; in the fine arts, projection of a figure.
condolence (noun)
solace, easement, commiseration, comfort, sympathy, condolence, reassurance.
rescue (noun)
rescue, extrication, assistance, salvation, deliverance, emancipation.
dismissal (noun)
reprieve, stay, excuse, concession, pardon, license, release, discharge, exception, immunity, dismissal, exemption, privilege, absolution, dispensation, amnesty, waiver, permission, liberty, freedom.
sculpture (noun)
pedestal, carve, sculpture, carving, cameo, mannequin, phallic, phallus, figure, statue, plinth, bronze, cast, bust, plaster cast, molding, figurine, bas-relief.
aid (noun)
service, facilitation, benefit, help, assistance, motivation, attendant, aid, support, agency, sustenance, encouragement, mothering, ministration, endowment, avail.
aid (verb)
maintenance, welfare.
relief (noun)
remedy, mildness, easement, alleviation, help, mercy, assuagement, comfort, appeasement, consolation, aid, respite, cure, solace.
interruption (noun)
stay, interval, pause, postponement, snag, suspension, hiatus, reprieve, interlude, recess, break, interruption, stoppage, delay, hitch.
Other synonyms:
Chancellor of the Exchequer, happiness, variety, temperance, clothing, pleasure, contour, sleep, imprint, artificial feeding, collection box, fireman, easiness, succor, relief pitcher, charitable, reserve, handout, eternal rest, auxiliary, pinch hitter, subordinate, junior, commuter, cause, allowance, residue, backing, child benefit, redress, simpleness, abatement, alms, musical accompaniment, makeover, audit, superior, easing, second-stringer, 1099, cover, backup man, leap, associate, succour, upswing, nursing, opposite number, comforting, relaxation, desk person, medicine, shelter, sculptural relief, colleague, a change for the better/worse, duty officer, nirvana, rest period, black out, step change, beleaguered, embossment, ease, simplicity, remainder, hypodermic, patronage, repose, substitute, aggressor, active service, locum tenens, time out, boost, breadwinner, allayer, configuration, computer backup, dole, alternative medicine, active duty, residuum, moderation, welfare, ministration, remission, anesthesia, community chest, reinforcement, rilievo, cheer, charity, projection, joy, increase, child support, cowboy, jollity, quietus, hand, residual, analgesia, the Boston Tea Party, the social, accompaniment, diversion, reliever, aftercare, apparatchik, assist, means test, eternal sleep, satisfaction, community service, stand-in, decoration, backup, co-worker, anaesthesia, moderateness, fill-in, ancillary, self-improvement, championship, sub, euphoria, drug, delight, donate, assisted living, informality, development, public assistance, rest, social security, claw back, battle cry, improvement, food, turnaround, easement, workmate, career woman, belligerent, 1040 form, designated hitter, artificial insemination, air cover, corporate welfare, bombed-out, change, balm, ecstasy, counterpart, replacement, respite, acupuncture, alleviation, comforter, blackout, abetment, elation, contentment, assuagement, aromatherapy, mitigation, chargeable, acupressure, balance, relievo, palliation.
Examples of usage:
  1. I thought there was relief in it. - "The House of a Thousand Candles", Meredith Nicholson.
  2. A little sigh of relief escaped Lightfoot. - "The Adventures of Lightfoot the Deer", Thornton W. Burgess.
  3. Neal drew a deep breath of relief when he reached the street. - "The Northern Iron 1907", George A. Birmingham.

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