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Correct spelling:
Act of asking; inquiry; investigation; subject of inquiry or discussion.
To ask questions of; regard as doubtful.
question (noun)
examination, query, contemplation, interpellation, inquiry, interrogation, quiz, survey, exploration, inquest, probe, poll.
question (verb)
quiz, seek, dispute, catechize, investigate, interrogate, query, challenge, delve, inquire, contemplate, examine, probe, ask, debate, canvass, survey, poll, interpolate, explore.
request (noun)
solicitation, requisition, probe, desire, demand, petition, summons, urge, inquiry, query, wish, appeal, entreaty, bid, want, plea, invitation, request.
doubt (verb)
waver, suspect, distrust, disbelieve, wonder, doubt, vacillate.
request (verb)
solicit, seek, query, desire, demand, plead, summon, urge, invite, request, wish, appeal, inquire, bid, want, probe, petition, requisition.
topic (noun)
text, problem, concept, conjecture, assumption, motif, contention, subject, consideration, issue, paradigm, matter, hypothesis, theorem, dissertation, theme, presumption, principle, opinion, thesis, premise, statement, assertion, basis, topic, point, position, idea, postulation, belief, argument, query, axiom, inference, essay, exposition.
Other synonyms:
put someone on the spot, suspense, have an idea, inquiring, indecision, interrogation, interrogatory, school principal, call into question, answer, mind, interrogative mood, movement, catechism, apparent movement, um and ah, shake someone's belief/confidence/faith, enquiry, oppugn, breath test, head word, foreland, fuss, dubiety, header, head teacher, fountainhead, remonstrance, irrelevant, motility, protest, apparent motion, heading, caput, unbelief, mistrust, reservation, doubt yourself, doubt, interrogative sentence, suspicion, chief, demurrer, principal, marvel, questionnaire, scruple, disbelief, motion, sow fear/doubt/confusion etc., complaint, can of worms, nous, hesitation, referent, motive, interview, head, interrogative, rhetorical question, bust, skepticism, easy, enigma, difficulty, inquisition, drumhead, put to, bounty hunter, call something into question/doubt, item, certain, headspring, reserve, book, scepticism, promontory, doubtfulness, call, research, pick someone's brains, arrest, hesitancy, feeler, cast doubt on something, dubiousness, demur, move, incredulity, body search, gesture, content, pass, top dog, incertitude, have mixed feelings about something, capitulum, brain, ground, psyche, misgiving, mystery, solution, headway, apprehend, interrogate, beside the point, proposal, leading question, subject matter, demurral, query, inquiry, exception, straits, immaterial, have second thoughts (about something), headland, irresolution, kick, perplexity, oral sex, apprehension, forefront, breathalyze, expostulation, be in doubt, read/write head, a question mark over something, enquire, uncertainty, stink, puzzle.
Examples of usage:
  1. She did not answer his question. - "Hetty Wesley", Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch.
  2. That was the only answer to his question, " Who is it?" - "Our Soldier Boy", George Manville Fenn.
  3. There was other way, and his question: " Where shall I take you?" no - "The Sherrods", George Barr McCutcheon.

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