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Spell check of quarter

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Correct spelling:
Fourth part of anything; 28 or 25 lbs.; 8 bus.; 25 cts.; 3 months; region; mercy shown a conquered antagonist.
To divide into quarters; lodge.
quarter (verb)
occupy (verb)
colonize, reside, roost, dwell, billet, occupy, inhabit, stay, house, lodge, squat.
quarter (noun)
district, locale, region, zone, area.
fraction (noun)
segment, half, part, slice, denominator, third, portion, fragment, section, piece, numerator, fraction, chunk.
region (noun)
Shire, area, region, state, precinct, municipality, province, colony, duchy, realm, lot, domain, earldom, sector, town, city, empire, division, parcel, beat, kingdom, riding, neighborhood, place, plot, country, district, commonweal, canton, county, locality, tract, circuit, bailiwick, dukedom, zone, territory, nation, field, borough.
direction (noun)
bearing, direction, point.
regional (adjective)
circuit, commonwealth, zone, precinct, borough, sector, divisional, town, canton, provincial, riding, regional, district, Shire, state, territorial, city, tract, realm, colonial, county, local, national, area.
fractional (adjective)
semi, part, fractional, sectional, fragmentary, third, half, segmental.
Other synonyms:
crown, cubic, one-fourth, support, imbibe, nincompoop, get, bestow, nabe, eviscerate, leniency, after part, tail end, are, delineate, fourth part, b., arse, stern, 00s, a.m., draw off, base, constellation, thread, fatigues, backside, rear, lodging, finely, ass, behind, pass, injury time, bunk, mercy, two bits, span, empennage, dwelling, fanny, keister, acre, run-in, bottom, shadower, assemblage, poop, tie, biannual, AUD, ninny, lenity, busload, c., centigram, habitation, cut, block, hindquarters, accommodate, posterior, age group, detail, lenience, agora, euro, depict, at, fiftieth, cu., ct., after, and, mercifulness, describe, domicile, line, quartern, fast, buttocks, can, take up, B.C.E., attract, half-hour, draw in, generosity, altruism, break, crowd, nates, derriere, B.C., belt, bum, reap, barrio, room, hack, charity, semester, restricted, rear end, position, puff, annual, A.D., fifteenth, pull out, abode, dirt, draw, close together, first half, turd, burbs, consideration, cramped, quarters, the skinny, liberality, trace, berth, run, solicitude, suck up, diggings, protection, fifth, forbearance, eleventh, array, residence, disembowel, common denominator, armpit, pull, dope, near, fourth, shite, bit, dog tag, eighth, clip, force, tail, fundament, generalship, prat, hearthstone, shit, cast, academic year, draw and quarter, shadow, soak up, extra time, seat, coin, suck, get out, fag end, pull back, neck of the woods, circle, cut out, kindness, bushel, guide, calendar, hind end, indulgence, money, forward, dollar, dinar, butt, crap, pad, absorb, board, tooshie, ahead, warmth, buns, cabbagetown, hospitality, common fraction, low-down, rump, collection, crush, halftime, BMI, roof, string, one-quarter, garrison, compassion, drag, take out, harbor, club, etch, fireside, about, clemency, brownfield, cantonment, sop up, hearth, carat, twenty-five percent, bust, fort, around, tush, pregame, dime, put up, take in, overtime, tail assembly, cent, post, pull in, make, withdraw, cut up, billionth, chop.
Examples of usage:
  1. I've read a quarter of the book, Peter. - "Fortitude", Hugh Walpole.
  2. I left them and came back in a quarter of an hour. - "The Memoires of Casanova, Complete The Rare Unabridged London Edition Of 1894, plus An Unpublished Chapter of History, By Arthur Symons", Jacques Casanova de Seingalt.
  3. Leaning over in the saddle, he whispered: " I'll be back in a quarter of an hour Will you wait?" - "The Crisis, Volume 4", Winston Churchill.

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