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Spell check of put

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Correct spelling:
To move; steer.
To place; set; lay; propose.
situated (verb)
situated, posted, laid, stood, located, placed.
located (verb)
spotted, situated, positioned, established, posted, set, laid, located, found, pinpointed, discovered, stationed, placed, unearthed.
install (verb)
place, locate, insert, ensconce, embed, implant, plant, position, fix, install, set up, build in, establish, connect, root, initiate, graft, instate.
situate (verb)
situate, post, lay, stand, locate, place.
installed (verb)
fixed, rooted, inserted, initiated, positioned, implanted, instated, located, placed, installed, set up, established, grafted, embedded, ensconced, connected, planted.
locate (verb)
spot, situate, position, establish, post, set, lay, locate, find, pinpoint, discover, station, place, unearth.
Other synonyms:
interpret, affect, go under, deposit, institutionalize, prepare, get down, acclimate, bang, cast, tack, send, sick, construe, drop, rate, suppose, flummox, ordain, practice, drift, regularise, place, localize, regurgitate, allot, acclimatize, rove, indue, set apart, put across, entrap, bring out, transcribe, ascribe, direct, dress, posture, mouth, regularize, contrive, frame in, ensnare, mystify, jell, catalog, venture, perplex, clothe, mold, tailor, formulate, set up, redact, puzzle, rig, seat, mark, localise, put in, do, draw, order, entrust, couch, write, get, consecrate, settle, assess, spue, precise, charge, wager, emplace, designate, condition, ready, fructify, accommodate, give, show, vest, set down, instal, keep, build, barf, go, translate, vex, upchuck, adorn, make, put up, vomit up, come, adjust, thump, shepherd, ask, roam, set, be sick, effectuate, knock, bet, draw up, conjecture, come into play, throw away, pitch, invest, balance, go up, deliver, phrase, go down, lay out, punch, throw, correct, edit, pull, approximate, vagabond, hurtle, rank, enthrone, enjoin, set by, roll, lay, vomit, fine, bring, gauge, position, gamble, dictate, model, exact, amaze, declare, beat, institutionalise, register, impose, puke, put option, detail, effect, ordinate, impute, disgorge, congeal, construct, commit, throw up, fashion, pile, piece, point, tell, determine, cast off, intrust, throw off, gasp out, shake off, judge, specify, note, frame, gift, air, compose, fit, stake, put down, sit, lay in, conform, pose, risk, over, words, assemble, interact, aim, waitlist, stage, impersonate, target, arrange, coiffure, conduct, erect, sic, state, quarter, save, willing, impact, run through, attribute, stray, typeset, haul off, repose, rise, lay, format, trust, set out, render, take effect, doctor, dumbfound, govern, illustrate, sign up, lay by, baffle, limit, tack together, dispose, identify, set, put pen to paper, raise, countersink, shed, portion, bewilder, tramp, batter, drive, range, estimate, ramble, site, gambling, declaim, rear, endow, come out, extend, nonplus, regorge, depute, word, perpetrate, confide, prescribe, place, explain, make a difference, figure, gear up, chuck, pant, swan, induct, vent, wander, coiffe, arrogate, coif, come in, put together, assign, spew, levy, stupefy, ventilate, lay aside, retch, hurl, strike, salt away, chirp, reckon, define, copy down, lay away, call, delegate, project, dedicate, purge, chorus, stick, walk, empower, fix up, clarify, frame up, say, present, depose, tabulate, devote, mould, regulate, endue, commit something to paper/writing, personate, sign in, cat, suit, honk, obligation, enumerate, border, launch, express, hit, smash, lay up, record, play, calculate, escort, index, guess, articulate, gravel, grade, lead, reference, shape.
Examples of usage:
  1. Don't you want me to put up? 'em - "Short Cruises", W.W. Jacobs.
  2. I'll put on it somep'n' myse'f. - "The Strength of Gideon and Other Stories Strength of Gideon; Mammy Peggy's Pride; Viney's Free Papers; The Fruitful Sleeping of The Rev. Elisha Edwards; The Ingrate; The Case of 'Ca'line'; The Finish of Patsy Barnes; One Man's Fortunes; Jim's Probation; U", Paul Laurence Dunbar.
  3. " Don't let me put you out in any way," she answered. - "Can You Forgive Her?", Anthony Trollope.

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