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Spell check of purpose

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Correct spelling:
Aim; intention; effect.
endeavor (noun)
approach, commitment, venture, enterprise, adventure, maneuver, effort, project, aim, essay, job, gambit, deed, performance, proceeding, production, assay, undertaking, exploit, attempt, contract, endeavor, engagement, action.
meaning (noun)
pith, drift, connotation, description, crux, implication, subject, meaning, denotation, relevance, point, significance, intent, topic, tenor, thrust, definition, indication, upshot, gist, explanation, message, interpretation.
resolution (noun)
constancy, faith, persistence, tenacity, confidence.
Other synonyms:
resoluteness, place, utilisation, design, mind, theatrical role, excogitation, deliberately, prospect, direction, single-valued function, desire, expectation, intend, train, firmness, procedure, aspire, employment, intentionally, will, contemplate, innovation, answer, object, purport, view, subroutine, aim, persona, routine, office, scheme, bourne, take, conclusion, social function, function, conclude, purposefulness, inclination, intention, intent, map, business, destination, utilization, why, part, role, habit, advise, character, designedly, solve, mapping, direct, mathematical function, usage, propose, usance, nominate, end, take aim, calculate, way, target, thing, get, exercise, offer, certain, invention, decision, decide, hope, goal, draw a bead on, mark, pattern, bearing, economic consumption, shoot for, suggest, task, willpower, adjudicate, toughness, consumption, figure, pretension, subprogram, objective, use, finding, planned, tendency, pop the question, conception, designing, dissolve, position, manipulation, drive, work, resolve, blueprint, ideal, use of goods and services, declare oneself, determination, mission, decidedness, decisiveness, ambition, enjoyment, idea, resolution, plan, mean, social occasion, dream, view, proposal, spirit, capacity, scope, ambition, settle, do, break up, affair, strong, occasion, heading, aspiration.
Examples of usage:
  1. " Listen then, and never try again to turn me from my purpose. - "The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers", Georg Ebers.
  2. You sent her here on purpose. - "Pygmalion", George Bernard Shaw.
  3. If you have such purpose, you had better remain away. no - "Victorian Short Stories", Various.

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