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Spell check of publish

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Correct spelling:
To make public; announce; print and offer for sale.
publish (verb)
promulgate, announce, broadcast, report, circulate, promote, post, propagandize, brief, advertise.
Other synonyms:
send forth, blare, write out, extend, turn, pen, break, bring on, get off, uncover, discharge, make known, run, retire, set off, put under, inconvenience, smother, stretch out, unveil, propound, serialize, put forth, unfreeze, come out, emerge, communicate, produce, douse, trouble, carry, anesthetize, spread abroad, unloosen, give notice, liberate, sound, expose, disoblige, supply, egress, introduce, indite, anaesthetise, distribute, divulge, trumpet, blaze, hold out, notify, put about, let on, print, reveal, unblock, blazon, loose, discommode, say, release, give away, expel, incommode, enunciate, let out, annunciate, anaesthetize, put out, give forth, give out, bring out, discover, drop a line, knowledge, placard, issue, reprint, let go of, come forth, words, publicize, splash, bother, save, exhaust, write, let go, resign, disclose, go forth, herald, give up, eject, impress, stretch forth, secrete, free, declare, get out, spell, unloose, tell, flash, go to press, make out, exsert, relinquish, cut, proclaim, compose, unwrap, state, anesthetise.
Examples of usage:
  1. If you leap you will never publish your defiance! - "Anna St. Ives", Thomas Holcroft.
  2. The government has, as a matter of fact, forbidden the press to publish accounts of the war debates because the population, far from being terrified by them, would find in them laughing matter. councils' - "Fighting France", Stephane Lauzanne.
  3. They would publish full details of the valuable cargo- and give a list of the passengers and officers. - "The Captain of the Kansas", Louis Tracy.

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