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Spell check of prostrate

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Correct spelling:
Lying at length; overthrown.
To throw down; overthrow.
disable (verb)
hobble, vitiate, cramp, dull, tamper, undermine, enfeeble, weaken, abrogate, handicap, deaden, impair, lame, incapacitate, stun, disarm, paralyze, neutralize, invalidate, disable, scotch, cripple, hamper, benumb, hinder, sap, stupefy, anesthetize, hamstring, screw up, botch.
Other synonyms:
floor, overcome, slight, insipid, overcome, faint, done, limp, jaded, flatten, played out, dozy, done in, washed-out, bushed, docile, face downward, monotonous, down, categoric, asthenic, adoration, alleluia, unerect, dead, hallelujah, drop, develop, pass on, frail, glory, down-and-out, matt, devotions, give, low, engulf, bland, worn-out, cause, weak, deck, enfeebled, monotone, sleepy, overwhelm, sapped, enervated, recumbent, soft, throw, wasted, categorical, prone, run-down, wimpy, all in, flat, on your last legs, decumbent, vapid, prostrated, horizontal, mat, affect, wearied, crush, magnify, flavourless, debilitated, wiped out, procumbent, fatigued, unconditional, cut down, transmit, bow down, tapped out, matte, drained, languid, genuflect, burned-out, monotonic, wimpish, weary, flavorless, delicate, hosanna, worn, idolatry, knock down, spent, effete, offer up, fell, beat, feeble, rise, logy, beaten, unsubstantial, infirm, two-dimensional, softened, go around, drowsy, communicate, matted, tired, pooped, aweary, tender, tuckered, supine, compressed, strike down, sprawled, knackered, exhausted, lying, savourless, subservient, infect, bleary, savorless, bring down, level, bow, weakened, open, carry, spread, ground, plane, obedient, spreadeagled, overpower.
Examples of usage:
  1. " But what chiefly troubled me, as it would have done your Majesty or any true believer, was to see these men prostrate themselves before the wooden image which was their idol. - "Tales of the Caliph", H. N. Crellin.
  2. Now they fell against the prostrate table, but recovered themselves with an effort and fought on. - "The Lash", Olin L. Lyman.
  3. In an instant the four were thrown prostrate to the earth. - "The Boy Slaves", Mayne Reid.

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