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Spell check of production

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Correct spelling:
Act of producting; product.
venture (noun)
task, venture, deed, initiative, undertaking, pursuit, scheme, performance, enterprise, feat, project, exploit, maneuver, adventure, activity, campaign, affair, endeavor, procedure.
drama (noun)
excitement, mime, improvisational drama, panorama, tragedy, drama, suspense, melodrama, theater, art, show, characterization, comedy, rendering, spectacle, pageant, Broadway, variety, improvisation, ballet, choreography, teleplay, burlesque, vaudeville, pantomime, skit, mystery, presentation, scene.
production (noun)
generation, construction, development, manufacture, execution, formation, fabrication, making, creation, building.
creation (noun)
construction, formulation, generation, creation, conception, formation, establishment, origination, development, fabrication, invention.
endeavor (noun)
approach, commitment, venture, enterprise, adventure, maneuver, effort, purpose, aim, essay, job, gambit, deed, performance, proceeding, project, assay, undertaking, exploit, attempt, contract, endeavor, engagement, action.
Other synonyms:
bearing, merchandise, balanced equation, increasing, fruit, business, ware, return, heavy industry, elaborate, make, mathematical product, bond, issue, intersection, exhibit, booking, big, payoff, stock, direction, thing, output signal, motion picture, debut, mfg., yielding, cutting room, double bill, productive, piece, dub over, handiwork, aerate, takings, automated, double feature, dub, wheel out, cutaway, turnout, blossoming, overdo, direct, doing, outturn, curtain raiser, reproduction, mass production, employment, the carbon cycle, yield, composition, animation, process, work, proceeds, adsorb, planned obsolescence, reverse engineering, toil, cut, drudgery, exaggerate, behave, manufacturing, movie, giving, hold up, blooming, augmentation, procreation, factory, result, dub out, display, means of production, opus, behavior, trot out, achievement, dub in, end product, yield up, crop, industrial, labor, calcify, product, act, produce, exertion, command performance, take, draw, present, industry, appearance, output, occupation.
Examples of usage:
  1. The more important fact is that of a very large gain in population and in production. - "Cuba, Old and New", Albert Gardner Robinson.
  2. There are, however, reasons which make a less early date probable in the case of the latter production, the history of the origin and purpose of which can hardly be said as yet to be removed out of the region of mere speculation. - "Chaucer", Adolphus William Ward.
  3. They may include: A committee on farm production. - "Community Civics and Rural Life", Arthur W. Dunn.

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