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Spell check of produces

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Correct spelling:
originates (verb)
invents, introduces, inducts, commences, initiates, institutes, creates, generates, conceives, hatches, begins, originates, inaugurates, starts.
produces (verb)
manufactures, fabricates, fathers, forms, makes, originates, creates, invents, develops, generates, builds, executes, mothers, constructs, cultivates.
causes (verb)
motivates, originates, engenders, causes, gives rise to, generates, makes, drives, enforces, executes, effects, engineers, inspires, acts, elicits, brings about, provokes, induces, forces, evokes.
creates (verb)
conceives, invents, builds, fabricates, develops, forms, makes, originates, constructs, creates, generates, formulates.
Examples of usage:
  1. It is only natural that a child can get better tone out of an organ than on a piano, because it is not the child but the organ that produces the tone. - "Piano Playing With Piano Questions Answered", Josef Hofmann.
  2. Still longer exposure produces a positive. - "Response in the Living and Non-Living", Jagadis Chunder Bose.
  3. Not a human creature ever came near our home family- circle certainly was not an extensive one; and the dog and the bird make the same impression on me now that the recollection of long and well- known old friends produces; yet, often and often as I must have repeated it, do what I will, I cannot call back again the singular name of the little dog. us; - "Tales From the 'Phantasus', etc. of Ludwig Tieck", Ludwig Tieck.

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