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Spell check of proboscis

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Correct spelling:
Trunk, as of an elephant, & c.
Other synonyms:
blowhole, snout, beak, snoot, gossamer, carapace, nozzle, smeller, honker, anatomical, convex, Roman nose, bony, antenna, trunk, abdomen, tree trunk, leg, feelers, arm, schnoz, pincer, belly, antler, neb, capsule, mandible, schnozzle, bole, automobile trunk, anatomy, compound eye, segment, body, nose, torso, conk slang, button nose, luggage compartment.
Examples of usage:
  1. " Had there been proboscis," he thinks, " there would have been supplementary appendages,- the former creates the latter." no no - "Sketches of the Natural History of Ceylon", J. Emerson Tennent.
  2. A round rat- shaped head follows this twitching proboscis. - "The Story of the Trapper", A. C. Laut.
  3. The worst flies were the small grey species, with a long proboscis, similar to those that are often seen in houses in England. - "Ismailia", Samuel W. Baker.

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