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Spell check of primal

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Correct spelling:
beginning (adjective)
early, Genesis, baby, fetal, first, introductory, alpha, germinal, newborn, original, commencing, infantile, hatching, nascent, beginning, maiden, infant, preliminary, emerging, primeval, dawned, primordial, sprouting, precursory, incipient, inaugural, preparatory, embryonic, initial, aboriginal, new, starting, formative, foremost, budding.
pure (adjective)
undefiled, guiltless, innocent, austere, basal, elemental, plain, stainless, virtuous, basic, undiluted, simple, monolithic, nascent, bare, stark, honorable, prime, indivisible, clear, clean, foundational, elementary, spotless, unadulterated, atomic, white, faultless, purebred, chaste, aboriginal, simon-pure, unblemished, fundamental, unadorned, primary, decent, uncluttered, unalloyed, essential, untarnished, immaculate, sinless, unsullied, angelic, formative, untainted, irreducible, blameless, pure.
Other synonyms:
affective, important, of import, number one, primaeval, great, underlying, primitive, deep-seated, aboriginal, profound, grand, chief, bitter, burning, arch, overbearing, depth, prior, main, autochthonic, leading, predominant, indigenous, highest, patriarchal, sovereign, early, overmastering, overriding, greatest, immemorial, preeminent, native, paramount, premier, numero uno, acutely, principal, supreme, fundamental, dominant, casual, key, rudimentary, blind, ancient, deep, master, primordial, central, cardinal, old, big, primeval, pristine, capital, uncreated.
Examples of usage:
  1. " If we bring the question down to its primal cause," said grandfather, " if we bring it down to its primal cause, Mary is right; for the cause being iniquitous, of course, the war is the same." - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.
  2. As he had apparently for the moment reverted to his primal African savagery, I deliberately misled him by indicating a false direction, upon which he went off, muttering the most frightful threats. - "Ruggles of Red Gap", Harry Leon Wilson.
  3. All these were safely passed by Eut- le- ten, who changed himself, when danger pressed too close, to that small primal pool of tears from which he sprang. - "Indian Legends of Vancouver Island", Alfred Carmichael.

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