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Spell check of prays

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Correct spelling:
worships (verb)
adores, reveres, admires, dignifies, devotes, exalts, venerates, worships, cherishes, deifies, respects, idolizes.
Examples of usage:
  1. Afterwards the King of the World enters the great temple and prays in solitude. - "Beasts, Men and Gods", Ferdinand Ossendowski.
  2. She examines the faces of the others very closely until she makes up her mind which one probably has the ball, and then addresses that one thus- Lady Queen Anne, she sits in the sun, As fair as a lily, as brown as a bun, She sends you three letters and prays you'll read one. - "What Shall We Do Now?: Five Hundred Games and Pastimes", Dorothy Canfield Fisher.
  3. Do what you can, and may I add to the esteem in which you are held the fervent blessings of a heart which sincerely prays for your welfare. Excellency's - "The Slaves of the Padishah", Mór Jókai.

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