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Correct spelling:
Authority; influence; strength; faculty; a State; multiplication of a number by itself.
invigorate (verb)
agitate, invigorate, revive, animate, activate, excite, enliven, strengthen, energize, enthuse, rouse.
power (noun)
puissance, energy, grasp, strength, command, vigor, might, control, potency, mastery, force, competence, authority.
energize (verb)
charge, revive, activate, fire, energize, force, rouse, spark, drive, empower, recharge, invigorate.
mathematics (noun)
reciprocal, numerator, cube, cube root, antilogarithm, index, differential calculus, radix, denominator, geometry, logarithm, increment, factor, square root, dividend, root, multiplicator, multiplier, integral, subtrahend, multiplicand, quotient, algorithm, calculus, trigonometry, minuend, modulus, formula, multiple, coefficient, algebra, quadratics, arithmetic, fraction, divisor, exponent.
influence (verb)
prejudice, predominate, lead, authorize, master, motivate, command, control, bias, empower, affect, pressure, influence, sway.
authority (noun)
precedence, credential, title, enfranchisement, puissance, license, powerfulness, might, cogency, mastery, superiority, clout, charge, primacy, punch, office, domination, mightiness, empowerment, prestige, sovereignty, faculty, force, kingship, control, stature, birthright, strength, sway, commission, influence, rank, potency, steam, entitlement, command, seniority, privilege, purview, right, prerogative, mandate, authority, prepotency.
strength (noun)
toughness, stability, might, stamina, energy, sturdiness, firmness, clout, vigor, brawn, vitality, muscle, strength, stoutness, potency, huskiness.
powerful (adjective)
influential, high-powered, dominant, autocratic, supreme, formidable, important.
energy (noun)
zing, pep, might, strength, verve, fire, spark, activity, vivacity, snap, horsepower, potency, stamina, vigor, spirit, vim, fervor, spunk, force, energy, drive, zeal, puissance, potential, zip, effervescence.
vigor (noun)
enthusiasm, friskiness, exuberance, liveliness, vim, energy, strength, fervency, vigor, activity, relish, ardency, earnestness, potency, sprightliness, industriousness, agitation, zeal, excitement, agility, eagerness, verve, animation, zest, lustiness, spirit, gusto, passion, puissance.
influence (noun)
seniority, predominance, influence, pressure, command, rule, control, bias, supremacy, authority, sway, mastery, rank, pull, motivation, importance.
command (noun)
commission, direction, will, hold, charge, prowess, government, supremacy, command, law, mastery, mandate, domination, reign, rule, sovereignty, control, sway, management, coordination, discipline, grasp, grip, authority.
Other synonyms:
part, arc, clutch, ability, authorization, coercion, engagement, let, barrel, mass, mogul, federal agency, over, backfire, outpace, forefinger, military group, powerlessness, alternating current, qualification, talent, potence, peck, thew, sight, originator, world, talent, capability, say-so, cycle, function, military force, susceptibility, active, male monarch, proponent, dictatorship, absolutism, antecedent, experience, pack, efficacy, speed, force-out, situation, country, automatically, berth, gift, peppiness, source, magnate, oligarchy, dominion, force, competency, warrant, and, athleticism, firepower, grind, causation, race, oligopoly, automatic, clean, force play, biomass, rein, tycoon, flash, creator, flick, aptitude, biogas, gas, fitness, causality, abundance, divide/multiply by, restraint, democracy, author, omnipotence, dominance, business office, greatness, hasten, sinew, leadership, plenty, coax, fly, burn, crank, analog, proficiency, death grip, peak, regency, aptitude, federation, dart, big, get-up-and-go, endowment, precedent, much, preponderance, military unit, endurance, spot, cause, index number, efficiency, cogency, powerful, motive, actuate, readiness, world power, bureau, autarky, protectorate, profusion, power-assisted, cleverness, arc light, plus, ascendancy, cordless, place, AC, indicator, blackout, republic, coal-fired, heap, iff, virility, capacity, might, actor, big businessman, lot, eject, authoritative, nation, engage, clockwork, energy, action, advocator, compulsion, king, auxiliary, duress, weight, major power, burn up, world-beater, effect, agent, mountain, violence, personnel, surge, role, reason, aided, clutches, less, go, skill, clever, fountain, fossil fuel, jurisdiction, capability, position, dexterity, carte blanche, spring, index finger, occasion, post, flood, built, business leader, idle, strength, indicant, commanding, government agency, cut out, magnetism, assisted, expertness, strong, superpower, origin, minus, capacity, monarchy, forcefulness, great power, brownout, skill, advocate, baron, wealth, designer, be quick on your feet, hegemony, pile, former, top executive, office staff, billet, agency, arm, fuel, faculty, broken, gallop, resistance, monopoly, biofuel, condition.
Examples of usage:
  1. " Power of Justice, hear! - "The Scottish Chiefs", Jane Porter.
  2. In thy hand is power. - "The Weavers, Complete", Gilbert Parker Last Updated: March 14, 2009.
  3. I will do all in my power. - "The Amulet", Hendrik Conscience.

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