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Spell check of pointless

Spellweb is your one-stop resource for definitions, synonyms and correct spelling for English words, such as pointless. On this page you can see how to spell pointless. Also, for some words, you can find their definitions, list of synonyms, as well as list of common misspellings.

Correct spelling:
unsuccessful (adjective)
failed, thwarted, unsuccessful, foiled, abortive, ineffectual, frustrated, vain, fruitless, futile, useless.
blunt (adjective)
unsharpened, rounded, dull, blunt, worn, obtuse, unpointed.
dull (adjective)
prosaic, trivial, uninteresting, unnecessary, irrelevant.
Other synonyms:
superfluous, redundant, work-shy, reasonless, excess, worthless, surplus, unavailing, diminished, atrophied, otiose, powerless, purpose, impotent, skeletal, supernumerary, squandered, meaningless, bony, gaunt, haggard, emaciated, inane, pinched, lazy, spare, blunt, weak, extra, faulty, wasted, indolent, desultory, aimless, faineant, supererogatory, nitwitted, insensible, purposeless, mindless, soft-witted, unpointed, witless, pathetic, defective, ineffective, empty, inefficient, incompetent, senseless, cadaverous, slothful.
Examples of usage:
  1. I had myself been holding the floor of discussion in a way both rambling and pointless for some time. - "Wolfville Nights", Alfred Lewis.
  2. After these considerations it will not surprise to find that the thinking man can easily be distinguished from the book- philosopher by his marked earnestness, directness, and originality, the personal conviction of all his thoughts and expressions: the book- philosopher, on the other hand, has everything second- hand; his ideas are like a collection of old rags obtained anyhow; he is dull and pointless, resembling a copy of a copy. us - "Essays of Schopenhauer", Arthur Schopenhauer.
  3. But when I came to see the old house itself- so little changed, so distinctly recollected- then I was indeed amazed at the torrent of little happy fragrant memories which seemed to pour from every doorway and window- the games, the meals, the plays, the literary projects, the readings, the telling of stories, the endless, pointless, enchanting wanderings with some breathless object in view, forgotten or transformed before it was ever attained or executed, of which children alone hold the secret. - "Joyous Gard", Arthur Christopher Benson.

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