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Spell check of play

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Correct spelling:
Sport; game; action; room for action; drama.
To put in action; perform.
To sport; engage in a game; act; perform on; gamble.
amusement (noun)
stimulation, game, fun, pastime, pleasure, entertainment, jocularity, amusement, relaxation, humor, whimsicality, hilarity, merriment, recreation, jolliness, refreshment, divertissement, levity, frivolity, diversion, celebration, sport, hobby, enjoyment, tonic, distraction.
perform music (verb)
sing, perform, gig, practice, harmonize, solo, jam, serenade.
action (noun)
activity, working, action, movement.
sport (noun)
exhibition, tryout.
dramatize (verb)
pantomime, dramatize, act, present, mime, choreograph, burlesque, characterize, improvise.
Other synonyms:
juggle, usage, fly the coop, frolicking, knack, run, act upon, hearten, impose, entertain, joke, shenanigan, manipulate, employment, rook, free rein, shape, render, philander, coquet, typify, put-on, gather, enact, hunt, portray, variation, take to the woods, frolicking, blast away, twiddle, operation, piece of cake, dodge, run across, sponginess, dalliance, dodge, bump, cheer, get together, track down, evasive action, athletics, wile, try for, black comedy, bathe, black market, kick, piddle, costar, roleplay, control, fun and games, consort, carry, jig, process, conform to, captain, receive, impart, dramatic event, hoyden, pass, turn of events, knock, defend, mold, ploy, flimflam, unravel, jig, go, match, court, flexibility, cultivate, giggle, work out, animate, drama, bring, function, hornswoggle, race, flirt, double for, dalliance, go along, application, revive, symbolise, filter, malleability, operation, job, dissemble, shrink from, melt down, strike at, device, melt, gimmick, delivery, lay out, conjure, suffer, happiness, masquerade, scat, run away, endure, usage, diddle, crank, work on, count, spiel, ploy, twist, run into, bunk, ploy, dramatization, fun and games, dissolution, repair, calculate, fulfil, send up, visit, swordplay, child's play, ladder, butterfly, grow into, rollicking, debut, mutant, make, shoo-in, sportiveness, shenanigan, bestow, gimmick, hightail it, dalliance, atmospherics, actuate, give, playfulness, wile, gambol, bid, substitute, play-act, goldbrick, stand for, plasticity, take on, run for, take over, runaway, jest, tamper, frolicking, encounter, caper, dive, comedy, tomboy, make-believe, solve, duck soup, bleed, impersonate, comprise, anecdote, incline, extemporize, ply, theatrical, vivify, crop, tactic, epic, acquire, activate, ad-lib, break away, draft, turn, knack, bidding, behave, fiddle, contribute, sour, flood, rollicking, juggle, emcee, scheme, baton, trifle, dramatization, cock-and-bull story, gyp, stratagem, device, bring in, allegory, fill, articulation, reflect, dodge, exemplify, mash, parody, mimic, wanton away, dodge, ride on someone's shoulders/back, lead, campaign, go on, childishness, chance, adaptation, knead, show, imitation, juggle, dramatization, chat up, tackle, simulated military operation, wager, influence, shoot, command, employment, tinker, breeze, employment, toy, sleight, cope with, mould, knack, dalliance, corner, gambit, wile, fun and games, persist, dictation, piece, overact, looseness, ploy, crook, captaincy, bend, resilience, adopt, constitute, take, employment, move, wreak, flick, sportsman, mulct, lend, flimflam, prevail, shenanigan, pushover, tour, enter, cross, try, stratagem, beat out, bunco, revivify, musical, diarrhoea, lam, gamble, spell, playing period, make for, fun, satisfy, straight, number, operation, laugher, understudy, reckon, blast, maneuver, devilment, jest, shenanigan, tend, bout, gambit, dawdle, artifice, lean, eject, act as, happen, admit, forge, touch, exercise, dally, gambit, cinch, usage, defraud, dribble, device, gaieties, juggle, walkaway, land, jest, gaming, engage, fetch, artifice, application, be given, waver, ferment, prank, bet, sleight, performance, accompany, stratagem, con, hunt down, represent, put to work, unreal, rollicking, operation, sleight, bit, participate, nobble, come across, fulfill, tactical manoeuvre, smash, puzzle out, romp, fade, knack, find, focus, shimmer, snap, suppleness, capriole, profligacy, scarper, correspond, look, die hard, meet, picnic, amuse, walkover, make up, antic, escape, gimmick, disport, extend, ride, wanton, action, pretend, duel, add, usage, routine, jest, lick, tactical maneuver, draw, dissipation, wile, flimflam, sportswoman, scheme, mutation, frivol, exploit, stratagem, adjoin, monkey, lay, licentiousness, looseness of the bowels, catch, fool, trick, dramatization, backhand, willing, victimize, back, act up, rollicking, scheme, ape, flash, bench, summercater, symbolize, undertake, appear, performing arts, coax, be, misbehave, map, form, stretch, foregather, round, commissioner, see, scam, device, fling, good turn, gip, jig, frolicking, assume, tactics, contest, playact, putter, energize, gambling, fun and games, star, execute, arrange, reanimate, artifice, period of play, ball, do work, diarrhea, pliability, fit, manoeuvre, dramatic play, frolic, swindle, gambit, feed, hook, blowout, grow out of, piddle away, do, flimflam, shirk, accept, imitate, draft in, coquette, artifice, stage, operate, course, range, bang out, contact, forgather, depend, jig, classic, turning, over, sleight, gimmick, sport, inflict, detective, pose as, scheme, work, application, chip, head for the hills, renovate, convey, short-change, assemble, quicken, romance, interpret, tender, fidget, embolden, guide, face, take up, figure out, flow, turn tail, recreate, get, converge, institute, application, call up.
Examples of usage:
  1. Who did not get fair- play? 7869. - "Second Shetland Truck System Report", William Guthrie.
  2. " You'll have your part to play, Jack," said Harry. - "The Boy Scout Aviators", George Durston.
  3. This is play. no child's - "The Red Cockade", Stanley J. Weyman.

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