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Spell check of plan

Correct spelling:

Design; ground- plot; scheme. To design; draw as a plan.

outline (verb)
silhouette, represent, frame, contour, outline, profile, draft, draw, delineate, figure, circumscribe, sketch, form, trace.
imagine (verb)
suppose, think, create, ideate, theorize, perceive, reflect, invent, design, fantasize, opine, envision, imagine, conceive, brainstorm, contemplate, consider, daydream, observe.
drawing (noun)
diagram, cartoon, tracing, doodle, landscape, blueprint, charcoal, rendering, painting, sketch, picture, study, portrait, water color, depiction, drawing, still life, pastel, illustration, scene, masterpiece.
calculation (noun)
computation, presumption, method, determination, deduction, schedule, statistics, program, estimation, inference, scheme, count, conclusion, division, thought, calculation, tally, total, algebra, consideration, score, value, plot, rank, account, study, quantification, assessment, reckoning, sum, gauge, evaluation, calculus, arithmetic, triangulation, valuation, algorithm, enumeration, appraisal, approximation, mathematics, system, guess, judgement, multiplication, measurement, supposition.
outline (noun)
skeleton, configuration, circumference, limit, drawing, sketch, girth, perimeter, profile, wire frame, silhouette, contour, representation, framework, delineation, periphery, border, frame, form, tracing, outline, figure.
idea (noun)
theory, thought, image, conception, perception, opinion, supposition, consideration, ideation, notion, design, inkling, reflection, brainstorm, idea, concept, vision, principle, observation, inspiration.
intention (noun)
forethought, prospectus, goal, choice, intention, object, forecast, policy, expectation, approach, scenario, will, schedule, proposal, wish, calculation, ambition, consideration, procedure, scheme, endeavor, strategy, idea, aim, agenda.
intend (verb)
choose, resolve, aim, intend, expect, mean, scheme, wish, consider, endeavor, propose, mind.
order (verb)
right, plot, compose, pigeonhole, maintain, rank, place, settle, structure, schedule, unsnarl, rationalize, orchestrate, array, separate, score, systematize, balance, sift, order, schematize, screen, set, control, subordinate, design, marshal, rate, program, regulate, organize, type, chart, adjust, arrange, grade, group, scheme, fix, stratify, methodize, mediate, establish, support, stabilize, categorize, form, prepare, collate, normalize, class, sort, classify, harmonize, unify, devise, integrate, shape, frame, cast.
plan (noun)
chart, proposition, design, coordination, premeditation, contrivance, idea, intention, invention, expectation, scheme, blueprint, conception, anticipation, arrangement, aim, plot.
calculate (verb)
systematize, add, count, assess, presume, account, approximate, evaluate, schedule, total, infer, score, rate, estimate, calculate, divide, rationalize, conclude, quantify, deduce, gauge, multiply, consider, appraise, determine, think, enumerate, guess, scheme, value, study, suppose, quantize, figure, surmise, sum, plot, program, triangulate, compute, tally, weigh, reckon, measure, judge, rank.
predetermine (verb)
devise, premeditate, design, predetermine.
plan (verb)
premeditate, design, conceive, expect, arrange, plot, blueprint, anticipate, propose, aim, scheme, contrive, invent, intend, coordinate, chart.
predetermination (noun)
foregone conclusion, predetermination, premeditation.
Other synonyms:
protrude, planned, contrive, political program, attack, game plan, systemization, designing, target, projection, visualise, project, map, hold, programme, start out, undertaking, orderliness, preparation, stick out, line, ground plan, game, bell curve, elevation, visualize, course, intent, excogitation, technique, individualize, send off, finalize, itinerary, program, throw, fancy, mark, road map, see, feng shui, syllabus, computer program, curve, device, master plan, map out, innovation, think ahead, layout, envisage, have big ideas/plans, formulate, final cause, purpose, ideal, tactics, architecture, tactic, architectural, forge, design, engineering, curriculum, aspiration, externalize, platform, externalise, layout, planning, bar graph, engineer, block graph, pretension, architectural plan, stratagem, meaning, objective, axis, excogitate, conspiracy, disposition, end, means, view, civil engineering, reengineer, modus operandi, schema, treatment, be going to do something, streamline, computer programme, dream up, rough draft, lay out, set up, cross section, arrangements, convene, course of study, personalise, political platform, organization, point, broadcast, thing, plan on, personalize, systematization, jut, agreement, tack, bourne, be after, jut out, pattern, dream, choreograph, landscape architecture, draw up, stage.
Common misspellings:
  1. paln (48%)
  2. pla (13%)
  3. plann (9%)
  4. pland (8%)
  5. lan (5%)
  6. pln (3%)
  7. plam (3%)
Examples of usage:
  1. I have a plan in my head.
    - - "A Very Naughty Girl", L. T. Meade.
  2. Of course every possible plan for doing this was open to him.
    - - "A Very Naughty Girl", L. T. Meade. - "Almost A Man", Mary Wood-Allen.
  3. What plan have you in mind?
    - - "A Very Naughty Girl", L. T. Meade. - "Almost A Man", Mary Wood-Allen. - "A Forest Hearth: A Romance of Indiana in the Thirties", Charles Major.
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