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Spell check of plain

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Correct spelling:
Level land.
Level; simple; homely; clear; mere; not figured or gay.
prairie (noun)
steppe, savanna, pampas, countryside, plateau, prairie, flatness, heath, desert, mesa, champaign, tundra, moor, veld.
artless (adjective)
overt, unrestrained, candid, honest, undeceptive, undisguised, ingenuous, unsophisticated, artless, open, downright, plain-spoken, trusting, sincere, undeceitful, genuine, unaffected, un-artificial, straightforward, frank, unbeguiling, direct, naive, broad, outgoing, unartful, undeceiving, blunt, natural, uncalculating, callow.
humble (adjective)
unassuming, plebeian, meek, self-effacing, contrite, submissive, homely, apologetic, unobtrusive, abashed, unpretentious, mild, sheepish, selfless, modest, humble.
intelligible (adjective)
self-explanatory, perspicuous, intelligible, coherent, legible, lucid, consistent, crisp, comprehensible, decipherable, clear, straightforward, direct, understandable.
tasteless (adjective)
unsavory, tasteless, milquetoast, bland, savorless, stale, flavorless, insipid, flat, jejune, banal, vapid, mild, weak.
visible (adjective)
salient, exposed, manifest, observable, perceptible, visible, conspicuous, perceivable, distinct, obvious, apparent, evident, seeable, clear, discernible.
ugly (adjective)
ugly, hideous, abhorrent, grotesque, disagreeable, inelegant, undesirable, repulsive, displeasing, unappealing, unaesthetic, unattractive, repellent, unpleasing, unlovely, unpleasant, disfigured, odious, unsightly, ill-looking, homely, shapeless, repugnant.
pure (adjective)
undefiled, guiltless, innocent, austere, basal, elemental, primal, stainless, virtuous, basic, undiluted, simple, monolithic, nascent, bare, stark, honorable, prime, indivisible, clear, clean, foundational, elementary, spotless, unadulterated, atomic, white, faultless, purebred, chaste, aboriginal, simon-pure, unblemished, fundamental, unadorned, primary, decent, uncluttered, unalloyed, essential, untarnished, immaculate, sinless, unsullied, angelic, formative, untainted, irreducible, blameless, pure.
simple (adjective)
candid, austere, unsophisticated, chaste, crystalline, artless, bald, simple, elementary, terse, pure, uncomplicated, refined, unostentatious, bare, childlike, unadulterated, innocent, clear, spare, direct.
Other synonyms:
mere, everyday, unspeakable, field of honor, decided, complete, manifestly, solid, beautiful, general, dead, speak out, ordinary, playing field, bold, trim, unmitigated, arrant, gauze-like, undistinguished, seemingly, nameless, monstrous, positive, functional, bailiwick, airfield, evident, knit, cobwebby, self-coloured, unattractive, total, undecorated, formulaic, stark, common, clear-cut, truthful, unelaborate, popular, dull, unremarkable, neat, abrupt, field of force, unstained, unvarnished, stripped, usual, grim, limited, routine, unbounded, ostensibly, of, vapourous, austere, arena, bald-faced, out-front, swath, extra, severe, knitting, cut-and-dried, battlefield, redundant, literal, field of view, opine, orbit, freehearted, field of battle, homelike, landing field, see-through, obvious, sound off, unmistakable, field of operations, noticeable, unambiguous, apparently, homey, open-and-shut, chaste, field, crashing, assignment, run-of-the-mill, pure and simple, stock, diaphanous, standard, free-spoken, blooming, cool, palpable, strike up, knitwork, limpid, calorific, naming ceremony, supernumerary, unsheathed, bluff, big, seeming, uncomely, explicit, thorough, plain-vanilla, excruciating, up-front, such as it is, simply, quetch, theatre of operations, homely, kick back, subcontinent, sadly, chilled, dry, upstanding, forthright, luminous, area, luculent, theatre, conventional, bright-line, full-strength, caramelized, thoroughgoing, ostensible, nee, plainspoken, Junior, indifferent, cream, straight, unadorned, the mainland, see, on the face of it, traditional, sphere, rank, show up, crystal clear, out-and-out, fine, average, featureless, average, strong, irreproachable, utterly, gossamer, patent, all-out, forthcoming, recoil, playing area, initial, unqualified, apparent, unpatterned, commonplace, unlimited, barren, athletic field, bleak, free, kvetch, manifest, after, common, discipline, complain, surplus, unblended, filmy, rude, subject field, excess, patently, sorry, transparent, inelaborate, supererogatory, self-colored, flying field, nude, right-down, battleground, field of operation, creamy, speak up, unembellished, direct, mediocre, pronounced, study, spartan, namesake, utter, translucent, unrelieved, subject, crispy, perfect, commonplace, chewy, au naturel, unguarded, desolate, knit stitch, swathe, definite, evidently, unambivalent, purified, ringing, foursquare, land mass, vaporous, bare, garden, unmingled, identifiable, outspoken, obviously, unexceptional, champaign, pure, outright, forthright, simple, openhearted, principled, by, flat-out, absolute, kick, line of business, buttery, hopelessly, naked, uncompounded, impolite, subject area, superfluous, theater of operations, force field, marginal, homy, consummate, sweep, sheer, unfinished, foursquare, unostentatious, gauzy, garden-variety, unmixed, barefaced, unreserved, field of study, unequivocal, unsubtle, pellucid, damned, good, scanty, domain, plain stitch, unornamented, give up, theater, plainly, nonambiguous, tailored, animadvert.
Examples of usage:
  1. I made the point as plain as I have made it now? - "Peccavi", E. W. Hornung.
  2. Oh, it is plain enough. - "The Last Woman", Ross Beeckman.
  3. A plain little black thing like me." - "Half Portions", Edna Ferber.

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