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Spell check of Placated

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Correct spelling:
calmed (verb)
soothed, cooled, lulled, pacified, sedated, tranquilized, assuaged, quieted, composed, quelled, allayed, consoled, stilled, appeased, calmed.
pacified (verb)
calmed, cooled, tranquilized, moderated, appeased, reconciled, ebbed, soothed, assuaged, mollified, quieted, quelled, eased, relieved, smoothed, softened, composed, stabilized, pacified, conciliated, defused, hushed, lulled, allayed.
soothed (verb)
calmed, pacified, quieted, comforted, appeased, mollified, hushed, subdued, consoled, lulled, soothed.
Examples of usage:
  1. was quite willing, his appointment not being till early next morning, and the three went off to the " Cheshire Cheese," where Killigrew drew portraits of Johnson on the tablecloth and placated the head- waiter by telling him how famous he, Killigrew, was going to be and how valuable the tablecloth would consequently be in fifty time. Carminow Dr. years' - "Secret Bread", F. Tennyson Jesse.
  2. I've been good enough to borrow money from, but not good enough to take home- Oh, come, Andy, what's the use, placated Langham. - "The Just and the Unjust", Vaughan Kester.
  3. Of course, if the were resentful- refused to be placated- Susanna made a little wry mouth. Thayers - "Poor, Dear Margaret Kirby and Other Stories", Kathleen Norris.

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