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Spell check of perverted

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Correct spelling:
( used of sexual behavior) " kinky sex"; " perverted practices"
perverted (verb)
twisted, degraded, demoralized, depraved, seduced, warped, corrupted, distorted, debauched, desecrated, abased, deformed, vitiated, adulterated, debased.
deformed (verb)
distorted, crooked, bent, deformed, contorted, mangled, corrupted, disfigured.
Other synonyms:
artful, perverse, abnormal, distorted, disingenuous, immoral, reprobate, twisted, corrupt, depraved, misrepresented, kinky.
Examples of usage:
  1. " He has written an absurd perverted letter, all quotations," Cousin Caroline puffed. - "Night and Day", Virginia Woolf.
  2. agreed, but admonished Weems " not to alter the sense or meaning of my work, least when it came out I might not know it; and, perverted, it might convey a very different meaning from the truth." Horry - "A Sketch of the Life of Brig. Gen. Francis Marion", William Dobein James.
  3. Greatness, indeed, of the highest kind- - that of one who is without fear and without reproach- will not ultimately be allowed him, but greatness of a rare kind can only be denied him by those whose judgment is perverted by temper or personal ill- will. - "Luck or Cunning?", Samuel Butler.

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