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Spell check of perusal

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Correct spelling:
Act of perusing.
Other synonyms:
scrutiny, checkup, going-over, study, poring over, view, investigate, check, research, inspection, examination, studying, perusing.
Examples of usage:
  1. Its comparative brevity, its curious perspective, and- with some brilliant exceptions- its relative monotony, are obvious to the most cursory perusal, and to understand these things is, in large measure, to understand the book. - "Introduction to the Old Testament", John Edgar McFadyen.
  2. During the hour of perusal, the soul of the reader is at the control.... writer's - "Selections From Poe", J. Montgomery Gambrill.
  3. With two volumes before him, the ordinary reader may well dispense with the perusal of previous authorities.... Mr. Dawson's - "Admiral Farragut", A. T. Mahan.

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