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Spell check of perform

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Correct spelling:
To bring to completion; accomplish; fulfil.


execute, DO.
arrive, attain, carry out, conclude, consummate, do justice, gain, make it, manage, perform, rack up, reach, win, make hay, sew up, take care of, do a bang-up job, do one proud, do the trick, get someplace, get there, nail it, put it over, hit*, score*.
accomplish, acquire, actualize, cap, close, deliver, dispatch, earn, effectuate, get, negotiate, obtain, perfect, procure, resolve, score, seal, settle, sign, solve, work out, see through, follow through, bring to pass, get done, earn wings.
bear, carry, comport, conduct, deport.
act, appear, behave, burlesque, characterize, comport, conduct, endeavor, enterprise, execute, exercise, exert, feign, function, go about, go over, labor, mime, mimic, move, mug, officiate, operate, parody, perpetrate, personify, portray, pretend, react, rehearse, seem, serve, simulate, star, stooge, strike, take on, take part, transact, work, carry oneself, give the appearance, impress as, make debut, play act, play gig, play part, play role, represent oneself, say one's piece, lay an egg, strut*.
apply, apportion, authorize, bring, contribute, deal, disburse, distribute, dole out, extend, furnish, impose, inflict, issue, measure out, mete out, portion, proffer, provide, regulate, supply, tender.
come into being, come out, enter, oblige, be created, be developed, be invented, become available, come into existence, come on, come on stage, play a part, make an appearance, present oneself.
deport, practice, proceed, run.
execute, perform, DO.
aim, approach, assay, attempt, commit, contract, engage, exploit, maneuver, undertake, venture, volunteer.
achieve, act, act out, be on, behave, bring about, bring off, carry through, complete, comply, discharge, discourse, display, dispose of, dramatize, effect, emote, enact, end, enforce, execute, exhibit, finish, fulfill, function, give, go on, ham, impersonate, implement, meet, move, observe, offer, operate, percolate, perk, personate, play, playact, present, produce, put through, react, realize, render, represent, satisfy, show, stage, take, tick, transact, work, put on, wind up, pull off, ham it up, deliver the goods, DO, do justice to, appear as, be engaged in, bring down the house, carry to completion, do a number, do a turn, do to a turn, go that route, run with the ball, take care of business, tread the boards.
perform music
gig, harmonize, jam, play, serenade, sing, solo.
perform, DO.
campaign, initiate, pursue, scheme.
Examples of usage:
  1. I am about to perform an important ceremony, and they must all witness my act. – Dot and Tot of Merryland by L. Frank Baum
  2. It was soon to be plainly understood that, whenever that army should march, it would do so as a sort of human machine, ready to perform any military work which its commander might require of it. – Ahead of the Army by W. O. Stoddard
  3. The disciples again remembered another thing Jesus had refused to do: he would not perform a miracle for the Pharisees! – Men Called Him Master by Elwyn Allen Smith
  4. " You men," he said sharply, " will go before us to the engine room, where you will perform the necessary duties." – The Boy Allies at Jutland by Robert L. Drake
  5. I do perform that rather well, don't I? – David and the Phoenix by Edward Ormondroyd