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Spell check of peon

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Correct spelling:
servant (noun)
subordinate, chattel, menial, servant, flunky, lieutenant, laborer, underling, aid, helper, henchman, junior, hand, help, agent, helpmate, serf, volunteer, assistant, vassal, helping hand, subject, slave, deputy, auxiliary, aide-de-camp, aide, pawn, worker, employee.
Other synonyms:
drudger, slavey, navvy, grub, grubber, wonk, galley slave, slogger, cattleman, cowboy, dogsbody, overachiever, toiler, workhorse, hacker, workaholic, machine, cowhand, foot soldier, dirt farmer, drone, farmer, farmhand, cowgirl, eager beaver, automaton, cowpoke, fag, robot, drudge, buckaroo, field hand, plugger, grunt, hack.
Examples of usage:
  1. The whole time the peon I had sent up was climbing up and getting the nest, the two birds kept sweeping round and round with harsh cries. - "The Nests and Eggs of Indian Birds, Volume 1", Allan O. Hume.
  2. There could hardly be any mistaking such specific instructions even by an ignorant mountain peon," he added, smiling. - "The Unspeakable Perk", Samuel Hopkins Adams.
  3. As she stood there, reluctant to break in on rest- for her sympathetic heart, always at the disposal of the oppressed, had long ached for this overworked peon- she was relieved to hear footsteps in the street outside, followed by the opening of the front door. Jules' - "The Adventures of Sally", P. G. Wodehouse.

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