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Spell check of penetrate

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Correct spelling:
To pierce; enter; find out.
perforate (verb)
spear, pierce, point, poke, skewer, stick, gouge, puncture, needle, punch, bore, perforate, spike, drill, lance.
insert (verb)
implant, intrude, embed, inset, insert, insinuate, lodge, pierce, infiltrate, inject, introduce, interpose.
infuse (verb)
seethe, infiltrate, instill, soak, glut, suffuse, pervade, impregnate, saturate, permeate, infuse, imbue, fill.
Other synonyms:
finish up, get out, clack, double agent, cut, while away, collaborate, broadcast, agent, gore, discern, disseminate, come in, bottom, run through, fall into place, cluck, jab, impale, pass through, snap, go through, come home, filter, pass around, spend the night with someone, percolate, bayonet, pass over, circularise, get over, bed, collaboration, perceive, diffuse, polish off, circulate, leak out, industrial espionage, sting, interact, leave, get around, push, dawn, counterintelligence, get, perforate, shape, cut through, hue, lie with, seep, come through, sink in, reach, jump into bed with someone, access, put in, infiltrate, circularize, impact, track, wound, come out, fight your way, get hold of, sleep together, screen, prick, comprehend, fathom, stab, understand, traverse, make a difference, finish off, propagate, sound, disperse, grasp, come into play, squeeze, bring out, be intimate with someone, emerge, spread, fan out, consummate, copulate, get across, transfix, cross, click, thrust, go in, collaborator, distribute, tick, knife, flick, contact, put, appear, chatter, ream, wrap up, take effect, bug, sleep with, withdraw, riddle, enter, spread out, cut across, put over, run into, interpenetrate, get through, make love, clear up, mop up, bulldoze, break, affect, cover, espionage.
Examples of usage:
  1. To avoid these two, as well as the place where the Destroyer had learned so well to penetrate, she had managed not to return to her apartment during the two days before sailing.... - "She Buildeth Her House", Will Comfort.
  2. In the great temple at Jerusalem they were allowed to occupy only the second court: to the Court of Israel, where their male relatives worshipped, they could not penetrate. - "Women of Early Christianity Woman: In all ages and in all countries, Vol. 3 (of 10)", Alfred Brittain Mitchell Carroll.
  3. They stop short at the anatomy of institutions, and do not penetrate to the secret of their functions. - "Burke", John Morley.

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